Reforestation project in Nepal

Planned reforestation project planting trees with WCN in Nepal

Reforestation project in NepalWe need people to help plant trees and contribute to the cost of protecting those trees in rural areas of Nepal. Nepal has seen a massive amount of deforestation over the years and as a result we have seen many more landslides as well large areas of national park being badly affected. WCN are growing native trees which need to be planted and protected in areas set aside for reforestation. These trees provide a valuable resource to the local people as they are used for animal feed, building and cooking not to mention the positive impact on the local environment. In other areas the trees provide protection form landslides in the monsoon season as the trees roots play a big part in holding the soil on the valley sides.

As with most EHN projects the volunteers will be staying with local people in their homes while working on the project. The volunteer will work alongside the Village Community Forest User Group who will be helping to plant the trees and will be the main beneficiaries of the tree planting project.

Your money will go towards the fencing needed to protect the trees from animals until they are big enough to survive. After that we pay the home stay family for your accommodation and food and the rest is used to run EHN and fund future projects.

There are four location that EHN & WCN are looking to reforest, some are in the south in the region called the Terai and the others are in the valleys regions a few hours from Kathmandu.

We are looking to send 2 to 5 people in each team with a minimum of two weeks commitment required from June to August 2014.

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