Support a reforestation project in Nepal with EHN

Last year Education & Health Nepal took part in tree planting, medical camps and school painting projects with our partners in Nepal and they were a great success. In 2015 we would like to do the same and have been planning several over the last couple of months. One of these projects relates to continuing the tree planting that took place in the Padampur community forest expanding on the success of 2014. This will take place later in the year and will involve small groups of volunteers helping in the planting.
Education & health Nepal will be using some of the excess funds it has raised over the last 12 months and will help pay for the protective fencing that insures the saplings have a better start in life. But we are looking for sponsors & donors who would be willing to help donate or raise funds for us to achieve this. So if you’re interested in helping our organization & would like to become more involved in the work we are doing then please support this campaign.
The reason we are running this project is because over the last few decades Nepal has seen a massive amount of deforestation resulting from landslides population growth and the introduction of the community forests which were set up to protect the National parks. So in order to achieve this WCN have set up nurseries to grow the native trees and have identified the areas where this is needed.
Because the local people are not allowed to gather firewood from the national parks the community forests where the reforestation will take place have provided a valuable resource for the locals who use them for animal feed, building, cooking and a host of other uses. And this helps create a balance between the protection of wildlife & the local communities. In other areas targeted the trees will provide protection from landslides in the monsoon season as the tree roots play a big part in holding the soil on the valley sides or the banks on a river where local communities have set up home.
This is a long term project that we hope will plant in the region of 5,000,000 trees over the coming years.
So please support our work in Nepal by following the link below.