Our 2015 Project with the Seed Foundation has started.

EHN Nepal and The Seed Foundation along with some foreign sponsors have raised the funds to start building a multi-purpose centre to provide rural woman in Nepal with the chance to learn new skills and generate their own income. EHN recently transferred £2000 to the SEED foundation to begin construction of the woman’s centre situated on a ridge between Begans and Rupa lakes in the Kaski district of Nepal. 
The centre’s main focus is to empower local woman in Nepal by teaching them new skills such a sewing, knitting, Jewellery making, baking and even coffee roasting and grinding as well as basic training in sales and marketing. We feel this will give the woman a much needed confidence boast plus a means to earn their own money and support themselves. Many woman in Nepal have a much lower status than men and will not complete fulltime education which hinders them from becoming financially independent. A chance to learn new skills and generate their own income would be simple but very beneficial way to help empower them. Along with training and production facilities the centre will also have a small retail outlet at the front where the community are currently building a new pathway for tourist to walk around the lake. The shop will enable the woman to sell some of the products they produced to passing tourists and locals alike. We are also looking to work with local businesses in Nepal on a contract basis so we can help maximise the potential to sell the products manufactured in the centre. EHN and the SEED foundation believe that by using Nepali businesses alongside tourism to generate income the project has a much more sustainable future.
Damodar of the SEED foundation has already requested several local construction companies to submit tenders for the building work and we should be able to start construction of the first floor in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Once we have the first floor up we will need to furnish and equip the centre before we can open. As soon as the centre is operational we will start to discuss the second floor and possible roof top café. In the end we would like the centre to have a training room, production room, Storage, small shop and kitchen with a roof top café. The café would not only be an outlet for the coffee grown by the local community and another source of income for the centre but it would also give two or three local woman the chance to train as barista’s and have full time jobs.
EHN still needs help funding the furniture and equipment for the centre as well as the second floor plus we will be looking for volunteers to come and help train the woman in various arts and crafts as mentioned above.
We will post some pictures of the building work starting by the end of March, many thanks to one and all.