A recent visit from friends of EHN

At the end of October EHN had two guests from a Church group in Hong Kong who have already donated a large amount to EHN following on from the earthquakes.  They came to see what EHN does and also to look at funding an education project in Nepal through EHN.  I met James and Pastor Yang when they first arrived and took them to see Bhaktapur as it is both a historical site and was one of the worst hit urban areas in Nepal. Both men were first shocked at how much of KTM was unaffected but as we walked the side street of Bhaktapur they started to realise just how bad they have been hit. 30 to 70% of homes destroyed in many of the streets with 1000’s still living in tents and tin shacks.  We finished the day visiting one of the families that EHN helped who have a shop in Bhaktapur. The little boy was only 4 months old when he was buried alive with his grandmother but is now a smiling little fellow with no idea just how lucky he was. The second day the three of us flew up to Pokhara to visit Shree Rupa School who EHN has been working with for 2 years now.  We showed them the new solar and battery system installed by EHN to provide constant power so the school can run regular IT classes.  Both men were happy to see a simple yet effective way of helping to improve the level education taught at the lowest level. One thing with EHN is we never try to be to cleaver and understand that working with what you have rather than trying to change the system is much easier and therefore tends to show better results. We have not tried to change the way they teach as the final exam in Nepal is 100% Q&A with no problem solving so it’s important that the children learn to pass this exam.  What we can do is support the English and IT teachers and help them improve the practical side and skills of the students. Both English and IT skills give the children a much better chance of finding work when the finish school but do not interfere with the standard lessons and exams. Once we have internet installed in the school we will work on teaching setting up emails, social media platforms, CV writing, online job hunting along with a few other life skills that will help. With the visit to Rupa complete we headed back to Lakeside for dinner and to get ready for the long ride to Gorkha to visit the school we want to help rebuild.  The vehicle, even though it was an off roader could not make it to the village so we ended up walking in the rain for about 2kms then some teachers picked us up on their bikes.  The school kids were as always very excited to see us as where the staff. We met with the principal and staff so I could discuss the rebuilding work and then went to see the old school or what is left of it. We finished the visit having lunch in a traditional home before jumping in the back of an old truck full of glass bottles to get back to our vehicle. All in all out guests managed to see several effected areas plus the school we hope will become a model for all the Government schools we work with.  They also got a little taste of life in the villages and how hard it can be to get to them. We do hope that the group from HK along with others will support EHN in the future with some the education projects. Many thanks to James and Pastor Yang for coming to see what we do and we sincerely hope to see you both again in Nepal.