Rebuilding the school

EHN is currently talking with Shree Durga school and the team at Pahar trust to confirm what materials are available in the village that can be used in the construction of the new school. We are also hoping that some of the local community can help and provide some free unskilled labor to keep the costs down. I am also going to ask if it would be possible for EHN volunteers to help but have to get this confirmed before looking for volunteers to help.
So far EHN has about £21,000 to start building and depending on what we have in the village and who can help we hope to get the new school built for £32’000 to £34’000. If we can use the stones from the old school plus get some free labor we hope to reduce the cost but either way we are still a few thousand short so if you wish to help you can go to the EHN website or just share this post and help spread the word.
The first pic is of the design we want to use for the new school which is a reinforced concrete frame and light zinc roofing making it much more earthquake resistant and the other pics are of the school before and after and the classrooms the children are currently using …
Many thanks to everyone who’s already donated, EHN could not help this school and community without your amazing support!