Updates from Nepal

EHN is looking at a productive 2016 so far with 8 volunteers now booked for the July medical camp and 3 volunteers going to paint Damgade School in Kaski. We have raised most of the money we need to rebuild the school in Gorkha and have recently met with a trust based in Nepal who manage construction projects. Since meeting with them we have sent information about the school and local supplies in order to recycle some of the materials used in the old school and reduce the cost to build. We are also able to take some volunteers to help with the construction of the school again to reduce the cost to build so if you or a friend are thinking of coming to help Nepal rebuild why not work with EHN and get some school children back in a safe earthquake proof school?

In the end we have had to look at working with a local construction trust to get the school built as paperwork and red tape at the Government level is proving to be very time consuming with little information as to when or if we can build. The trust has built over 100 schools and health posts in Nepal over the last 22 years and have far more experience at dealing with local and national Government officials which is why EHN has chosen to work with them.

We plan to construct the foundations and ground level before the monsoon rains get to heavy in June and then finish the second floor after the monsoon ends late Sep to early Oct. Once we have the new school block of 8 classrooms built we focus on getting a new day care room and storage room built as the existing building is badly damaged and only still standing as the school needs somewhere to store old furniture and supplies.

One other type of project that has been put in place but will not be launched until later this year is charity trekking to help raise the rest of the money needed to finish the school plus we hope start raising more for the next school we want to help rebuild. The way it works is pretty simple, EHN is a fully registered Nepali and UK charity which means if you wish to do a charity trek in Nepal you can use either of the two charities registration details to set up a fund raising site, bank account or online account. Once you have raised over £300 you have the minimum amount required to donate to the school rebuilding project. If you raise more you have the choice of donating it or using it to subsidise your trek or maybe split the extra amount? The choice is yours.  The trek will be booked with Himalayan Adrenaline Rush a new adventure travel company who will add 10% of the value of your trek to the donated amount so if you do the Everest base camp trek at £950 HAR will give back £95 to add to your donation increasing the amount of support you give.

There is no limit to how much you can raise and in theory if you raised over £1400 you could trek for free and still donate £500 when you combine your donation with the 10% kickback.

So that is what we have been doing and discussing in Feb and I will blog again soon.

EHN Nepal