Volunteers from Hong Kong

At the end of May EHN received 18 volunteers from the Hong Kong who were here to teach and paint classrooms at Damgade School. The team arrived late on the 25th and set off with Phil and 4 members of Brother Nepal a Nepali group looking to work with us. We arrived late afternoon on the 26th and started lessons on the 27th. The HK team had prepared so lessons for the various age groups and split themselves up into smaller teaching groups. The young ones had more simplified lessons teaching colours, numbers and letters while the older students had task such as short life stories which they had to read out and grammar tests. On the Saturday when the school was closed the team painted two of the classrooms plus spent some time exploring the local area. The last two days where the most fun for me as the team had brought along some arts and crafts lesson plans and equipment with one class designing their own school bags. The last day at school the teams held team building events for their respective classes with prizes going to the best team. One of the tasks was for the team to make a paper caterpillar track and then race each other without braking the paper track. It sounds easy but to get 6 pupils to all move at the same speed is harder than you think and was a great exercise in working as a team. We finished the day with a wonderful leaving ceremony where some of the students performed traditional Nepali dances for the team before giving them a Tika and Malla which are the red dot on the forehead and flower garland to show their love and respect for the team. We had many tears that day which to be honest was both wonderful and sad. When I see the volunteers cry as they do not wish to leave I know a piece of their heart will always belong to Nepal which fills me with joy but I hate seeing those sad faces when it’s time to say farewell.

The team then spent half a day and night in Pokhara lakeside to have a look round and do some shopping before heading back to KTM early on the 2nd of June. The 3rd of June we took them to see Patan Durbar Sq and Swayambhu before heading back to the hotel to get ready for their flight home.

I have to be honest and say I choked back a few tears myself that day as many of the group made a point of telling how much they had enjoyed Nepal and EHN and would try to make it back to see soon.

To all the Hong Kong group, Thank you for being so involved with your respective home stays and students and for being wonderful human beings. We hope to see back in Nepal for the schools 60th anniversary in 2017.