Volunteering for 2018 with Education and Health Nepal.

Volunteering with the right organisation can be a lot of fun and EHN is one of those right organisations. Because the aim of volunteers is usually to come and help out in various projects and do as much good as possible but at EHN we like the learning to be a two way thing as you will find that the volunteers learns about Nepal at the same time. And we encourage this totally because when you are in a home stay spend time with the family, have fun and see how people in rural Nepal live.

So if you are planning to volunteer in 2018 and looking towards Nepal then why not look at an organisation that has placed around 400 volunteers over the last few years. And we have used some of the money raised from placing these volunteers into helping to build a school, medical centre and many other projects.

If you have medical experience then check out the two hospitals we support because they work with the poorer communities offering free or low cost medical care. Or if you are a group of medical students then why not think about raising the money to fund a medical trek? Spend two weeks out in a village helping hundreds of locals to have free basic medical care?

If your not a medical person then why not try one of the daycare centres or even try your hand at teaching in one of the schools we are supporting. If you have teaching experience you will get chance to do so much more but if you dont have any then your work will be related to helping the students practise their English.

And if those two fields dont interest you then let us know what your looking for and we may be able to help to. So next year come to Nepal and experience rural Nepal at its best while helping others.