Volunteer teachers required in Nepal

We are looking for volunteers to teach English in two rural schools outside of Pokhara, this project is close to the Annapurna range and next to lakes Begnas and Rupa.  We require volunteers for a minimum of one month who have a high level of written and spoken English. You will support the Nepali staff and take English lessons of all ages on a 6 day week. In most schools Friday is a half day but please expect at least one or two religious holidays during your time volunteering.  The level of teaching in most Government schools in Nepal is low and they seldom get the chance to practice spoken English, just copy from books.  

The volunteers will stay with a local family in the village the school is located living and eating as the family do. This will give the volunteer a chance to live life as a local while helping that community’s level of education in their Government school.  The volunteers will take lessons in English using the schools text books to teach but we would welcome new ideas if you have any?  The children age from Kindergarten to 16yrs old with a slightly higher number of boys in most classes.

This project is not available from Mid March to Mid or Mid June to Mid July due to schools holidays. The schools will also be shut from the end of Sep for two weeks for the Dashian festival which is the biggest celebration in the Nepali calendar.

Most of the villagers are of mixed caste and background but nearly all live off the land they own and have little option other than to send their children to the free government school in their area. EHN believes that by improving the level of spoken English in rural area’s it will give young adults from those schools more employment opportunities later in life.  Most of the money coming into Nepal comes from either aid agencies like EHN or tourism, anyone looking to work in the tourist industry has to speak English.

The Way EHN work

EHN charge £12 or $18 per day plus an £80 or $120 admin.  About a third of the money you pay goes to the home stay you’ll be living with. The remainder is split between EHN and the project with EHN normally only retaining 20%. All you need is enough to cover luxuries such as beer, chocolate, internet, laundry and some souvenirs. Everything else is covered by EHN including your airport pickup and drop off and a city tour.  In the case of this project EHN will be discussing with the hospital community board how best to use money as they need equipment, another fulltime Doctor and an Ambulance at present with a new hospital being built.

If you want to find out more about this position please contact EHN through this link

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