Volunteer in a childrens disabled centre in Kathmandu

If you are planning to volunteer and love working with disabled children then this one is for you. 

We are looking for volunteers to help look after 10 to 15 disabled children in Kathmandu helping with daily chores such as studying, fun, games and some basic physiotherapy through games and sport.

As a volunteer your duties will be to welcome the children in everyday to play music and games to help with them learn and develop. You will also be required to help clean the home and children, prepare and serve lunch. On some days the children will watch a DVD and on others they may play volleyball or catch in the garden. Allot will depend on the time of year and weather. This position is a full time project meaning volunteers will help 6 days a week with Saturdays off but you will have time off during the day to use internet or do laundry. You are also only about a 15 minute from Boudha the biggest Buddhist stupa in Nepal and about 30 to 40 minutes’ walk from Pashupati the main Hindu temple of Nepal. This is a great place to experience Buddhism up close, either meeting monks in the streets or just relaxing in a local cafe to the sound of Buddhist prayers and horns. The area of Boudha has a thriving tourist industry so you will find plenty of cafes, shops and restaurants plus ATMS if you need to get money.

This project is closed for two weeks at the end of May every year so the staff can take a break plus the home will be close during Dashain and Tihar the two major festivals in Nepal. These religious festivals run by lunar cycles so the dates change every year. However these festivals are always somewhere from Late Sep to Mid Nov.

EHN requires volunteers who are happy to volunteer for a minimum of 1 month for this placement only. We feel this will give you and the children longer to build a bond plus it will give you time to have a greater effect.

For more information regarding this project please contact us on the email address below.

The Way EHN work

EHN charge’s £12 or $18 per day plus an £80 or $120.  We pay about 70% (depending on the exchange rate) of your money directly to the home with the rest going towards the running of EHN. The fee doesn’t cover luxuries such as beer, chocolate, internet, laundry and some souvenirs. Everything else is covered by EHN including your airport pickup and drop off and a city tour as part of admin fee payment.  In the case of this project EHN has already used an additional $2500 for two new roofs and relining the well for safe water. So even with the 25 to 30% EHN retains we still look to use any extra funds to support the relevant project.

Full payment is due at least one week before arriving in Nepal, either on the EHN website or direct to EHN UK in London.

Should you cancel during your agreed duration of volunteering EHN cannot offer you a refund as your fee is a donation to the project and EHN.

If you want to find out more about this position please contact EHN on the email address below.