Flights to Nepal

Nepali ladies waiting for our Medical camp to open

As an organisation we are always looking at ways to help make things easier and more affordable for our volunteers because they are coming to help us achieve our goals in Nepal. One of these ways is helping to find the best value for money flights for you because up until a few years ago flying to Nepal was expensive. In fact the cheapest ticket back then I found was around £600 because there were very few airlines flying in.

Setting up the pharamacy at the med camp

But luckily over the last few years more and more airlines have opened flights so with the increasing competition this has led to a reduction in prices though in peak season it’s still quite high. Now having flown in a number of times from the UK I have tried a number of the different airlines and have to say I would always try flying either Qatar or Oman airlines because they offer a good price, quality service and the time of arrival on some of their flights are ideal. They may not be the cheapest because I have found Jet & Turkish airlines to be but they would have to be my preferred airline.

But I can only offer my advice from the UK so it will vary in many of the other countries around the world. So our advice is when you have decided you are coming to volunteer or trek start looking online (we can provide you with a few links if you email us) around 6 months in advance which will allow you plenty of time to secure a good flight at a reasonable cost. Aim for one that will reach in the afternoon/ early evening so it will give you a few hours for a member of our team to take you to the guesthouse and settle you in. Plus it will also give you a chance of your first daylight view of the streets of Kathmandu. (depending on traffic it takes between 30-60 minutes to reach the guest house).

If you require any advice in finding a ticket please email and I be happy to help.