Free medical camp in Rupa, Nepal

EHN Nepal’s second free medical camp was in July in Rupa Joyti School by Rupa lake followed by a day at the women’s center we helped funded to build just before the earthquake overlooking Begnas lake.
This medical camp was completely managed by EHN in conjunction with the local community comprised of a mixed team from Brazil, USA, Ukraine and Nepal.
The medical camps are set up in pretty much the same way as all temporary health camps are with a registration desk, triage room, doctor consultation and examination room followed lastly by a free pharmacy.
Volunteers are required to help at one or more of the sections depending on experience but as we will have qualified Nepalese doctors and nurses in the team you won’t be required to treat unless happy to do so. Most of the time you will work alongside the doctors when treating and the Nepali volunteers when doing triage and registration.
EHN also had simple eye sight tests using the charts and audio testing using the portable audio testing system Shoebox from Canada. We found many children with hearing problems due to simple infection caused by poking items in their ears or colds and flu that not been treated correctly. Many only needed anti biotic but with the more severe cases we took them to an ENT specialist in Pokhara for further tests and treatment.
Over the 6 days we ran the medical camp for we had about 500 visitors of all ages with various complaints, many just needed pain killers or anti histamines for back and skin issues and some required further checks at the local general hospital where we refer patients we cannot diagnose properly.
On the last two days back at Rupa Joyti School we taught hand wash hygiene using glitter to show how easy bacteria spread followed by hand washing using a UV gel that highlights bacteria. We ask some children to wash their hands with water only, then under a UV light showed how much bacteria they still had on their hands. Then they were given anti-bacterial soap and washed their hands again where they could see the visible difference of using soap to wash.
Finally at the very end we took the team to lakeside Pokhara for pizza and hot fudge pudding for some well-earned R&R before heading back to Kathmandu.
Higher levels of health encourage longer healthier lives and the knowledge to know how to prevent getting sick or infected only further improves their quality of life.
That is why these medical camps are the foundation of EHN as they encapsulate what we are about as an NGO and how we feel we can help which is why we really want to run more of them in 2020 and in more remote locations. We can only do this with your support whether it’s coming as a volunteer or donating towards the free medicines we provide.

April 1st to 15th is the next medical camp but if you are interested you will need to move fast we only have 3 to 4 spaces left.
If not the last week of July will be the second EHN medical camp then we are looking to push up to 3500m into the Annapurna range to run a two sight med camp firstly in lower Manang then moving up to upper. We don’t have any dates yet but the plan is to run this one at in the last two weeks of August.

If you are a medical student who need to do an elective placement then we can also offer places at WRH hospital in Pokhara or Kanti children’s hospital in Kathmandu which you can do either before or after a medical.

If you are interested in joining us or helping us please contact

Medical camps in Nepal

Back in March this year EHN worked with a local group to run a free medical camp in a Chepang community in the jungle near Hetuda in the south of Nepal.
The med camp ran for three days and had well over 100 visitors of which a fair few were young mothers and their children. Many of the cases where dermo based and just required better hygiene and or creams to ease the rash and dry skin or infections from cuts picked up farming or foraging in the jungle.
The lack of any medical facility in the area and a very low level of education means the Chepang suffer more than most in Nepal and due to their location and lifestyle are not the easiest to get to and help. Better health education along with free health camps help allot which is why EHN tries to provide some health education alongside the medical camps such as the two we ran this summer in Rupa school and Ramkot whenever possible.
April next year will be the first of several medical camp EHN is running in 2020 with the possibility of a high altitude camp in the summer in the Annapurna region some 3300 meters higher than the Chepang village in the flatlands of the south.
If you are looking to do something positive while having an adventure then I think one of the medical camps would be great idea.
EHN does require a certain amount of medical volunteers but we can also take 1 or 2 non-medical volunteers to help manage the project and patients.

For further details on future medical camps and how you can join or help please contact

Update on the April Medical Camp 2020 Volunteers Required

EHN will be running a free medical camp from Rupa School and the woman’s centre at Begnas in April 2020.

The dates are April 1st until April 15th but you are welcome to come earlier or later if you wish to do a medical elective placement at one of the two hospitals EHN works with.

The itinerary with be as follows,

April 1st arrive in Kathmandu Nepal if you are not already here.

April 2nd take a city tour of two major sites in Kathmandu, Patan Durbar Sq and Swayambhunath.

April 3rd Travel by tourist bus to medical camp location and meet your host families at your home stay.

April 4th set up and orientation of the local area, facilities and run through the medical set up and which section you will work in.

April 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Rupa School free medical camp for the local community.
This will be set up as a registration, Triage, Doctor Consultation and Pharmacy so four separate sections of which you are welcome to help in any or all.

April 9th we will pack up the medical camp and take a day off to do laundry, explore or relax.

April 10th the team will go up to the Woman’s center to set up the medical camp.

April 11th and 12th Free Medical camp at the Woman’s center, Begnas with the same set up as before. At the end of the day we have to pack up and travel to Lakeside Pokhara for the evening.

April 13th Day in lakeside to relax, go shopping, paraglide, bungee jump, zip line or go boating on the lake.

April 14th the team take the tourist bus back to Kathmandu

April 15th Depart Kathmandu

The fee for all volunteers includes EHN picking you up from the airport when you arrive, April 1st and 2nd in a guesthouse in Kathmandu with breakfast included. The city tour with tickets, transport and lunch provided, Travel to and from the project and Pokhara lakeside. Homestay with two local meals a day plus drinks and some snacks. Hotel in Lakeside for April 13th and 14th with breakfast provided.

Not included: Lunch and evening meals in KTM except city tour lunch, Lunch and evening meals when in Pokhara lakeside, beer, chocolate and other luxury food items and any additional travel or activates you wish to do while not volunteering.

The total fee for the 15 days is $353 US or £285 UK, sorry if the exchange rate is not exact as the UK pounds has been moving so much recently so we just fixed it at about 1.25 dollars to the pound.

We already have two confirmed and at least 4 to 5 others looking at joining so please apply ASAP if you are interested as we will only be able to take a maximum 10 volunteers on this medical camp.

For further details
contact or

Med camp planned for April 2020

Med camp volunteers wanted for April 2020.

EHN is setting up a medical camp for the first two weeks of April and are looking for volunteers to help manage and run the camp. A background in medicine is of course an advantage but volunteers without experience will also be able to join on the admin and organising side. So please if you are a fully qualified medical professional or a student looking for a new experience while helping others then this is a challenge for you.

Your duties as you can imagine will be varied depending on the patients that come through the doors but from past experience it can be anything from just a common cold to broken limbs, cuts bruises etc.  Though the majority of your duties will be to provide basic medical checks for the patients and diagnose any potential problems. Please note if there is anything serious then the patient will be sent to the nearest hospital in Pokhara for the care they need.

At the moment we have to finalise the location but the dates will be April 1st to April 15th to cover the med camp but you are welcome to stay longer and join another project or even take some well earned rest and explore this wonderful country. If you would like to do this then please as our guests talk with our team who will help and advise you.

All volunteers live and stay in small groups with local families in a home stay who will provide two local meals a day plus room. The food is freshly cooked and centres around the Nepali Dhal Bhat Tarkari (rice, curry and lentil soup) with noodles, biscuits and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables available.
We will cap the med camp at 10 volunteers so its on a first come first served basis and at present we have 3 to 4 volunteers already looking to book.

If you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me at or visit us at

Medical plans for the summer with EHN

Namaste one and all, an update from EHN.. We are currently getting ready for the summer health camps which will run from late July to mid Aug in Kaski district.
The first team is a combination of Brazilian, English and American volunteers who will be helping to run the health camp in talbesi. The second team are from Kuwait and will be working in a new village in Rupakot from the start of Aug..
This year we will have dental at the second health camp for the first time plus we will be able to test eye sight and hearing with the new audio unit and charts.
Also we will be running some health and hygiene lessons for the children as well as taking some time out to go swimming in the lake.
Lastly EHN has approached a large Pharmaceutical distributor in Nepal to ask for sponsorship which if agreed will provide us with free and low cost medicines.

The first me camp volunteer will arrive next week to to do two weeks elective at WRH before joining us on the med camp, another will go to Kanti afterwards to two weeks elective there and one other is going to spend a week trekking and exploring central Nepal.

We will up date you more and and when we have updates and of course we will be posting regularly once the med camp opens. So if you are in the medical profession or even a student and would like to attend a future medical camp then please contact our team with your experience so we can best place you. Alternatively if you are a team of medical professionals or students interested in running a medical camp then please get it touch because we can use your skills to help a number of Nepal communities.


Evolving into the organisation we are today

As an organisation EHN has been running in its present form for just over 4 years & around 3 years before that under another name. In our first three years we spent a lot of time learning about the different types of projects & who are genuine & who not. And this time was important because from those three years we have been able to develop the organisation we have today which we are very happy with after deciding we can’t trust orphanage & children’s home owners because they didn’t put the children first.

So in 2015 we got together & decided that we were going to adapt our organisation to what it is today & that’s one that concentrate on education & health projects (or both like our new one we are launching this year). We have distanced ourselves from children`s homes & so called orphanages because they don’t put the children first

Rural Medical camp

 & quite often not care for them at all. We do support several rural farming opportunities because that is where we have experienced our best times in Nepal & feel that as international visitors to Nepal you will really enjoy & learn from the experience.

So from this our aim as we work through 2019 is to concentrate on finding teaching volunteers for a number of schools across Nepal. You have to be fluent in English & ready to talk a lot (because most Nepali will want to practice) even if you are not a teacher. And of course interested in learning about a completely different culture to the one you experience at home.

So if you are interested in volunteering as a teacher with an organisation that has worked for a number of years in rural Nepal having proven them time & time again to be genuine then please get in touch through the website and start your volunteering experience.

Great News we have a Big Medical Camp planned this year

Good morning one and all, EHN has just taken a booking for a large group of 14 from Kuwait comprised of Doctors and Dentists who will be on a med camp . This one will have dental checking as well as hearing and eye sight checks and the standard first aid and health checking.

We are looking to run this med camp in a new village in Kaski district a little further up the road from Rupa school so we can treat more people thus saving them having to find transport down to the school. 

The team will be split into small groups to operate in the various aspects of the med camp from triage checking to audio testing and of course a little first aid and full dental checks. We won’t be able to offer Dental surgery due to lack of equipment and unreliable power.

With the eye sight and hearing testing we will be looking to help children we find with either glasses, hearing aids, treatment or possibly surgery of required so the med camp will operate as an identification project rather than treating. Once the children have been identified we can take them for final diagnosis in the local hospital or opticians.

This will be the largest med camp we have ever run in terms of the services we are offering but over the years we have found several dental problems we could not help as well as finding children with learning difficulties that have not be diagnosed which we hope to help rectify.

if you are interested in running a medical camp through EHN or would like to join us on one of our projects feel free to drop me an email

or check us out on

Medical camp in Nepal

The other week we helped support a free health camp by lending our testing equipment along with Phil to work with a small group in a Chepang jungle community.

As with all the free health camps the aim was to provide a free health care and first aid service to a rural community. Chepang are close to the Magar caste but much lower down and tend to live off the Jungle and what ever animals they can breed such as pigs, chickens and cows for milk.

The camp had well over 100 visitors during the three days we where there with the majority being young mothers and their children. Allot of issues where preventable such as bad skin or teeth so health education will be something to look at in the future as well as more free health camps and possible dental.

Two cases that stood out where the man who could not move for several days due to pain. After the Doctor had seen him it was obvious he had been taking to many medicines which when mixed caused health problems. The second was a woman with a gal stone and diabetes. She has already lost two toes and is very sick, she had not been shown how to use her glucometer and was not taking her insulin as a result which of course seriously affected her blood sugar levels .. Both cases where easy to treat as it was just about improving their knowledge of how medicines work and how to check and treat themselves properly.

So EHN are hoping to attract more medical volunteers who can come in as a group and help us host these medical camps so we can achieve so much more in terms of helping the local villagers. So if you work or study in the medical profession and would like to know more please contact Phil at 

New medical testing project for 2019

This is the new audio testing system EHN will be using during 2019 mainly to test the hearing of school children but not exclusively. Along with the audio tester we will also be using some eye sight and colour blindness charts so we can check and identify children and people with sight and hearing difficulties. Once children have been identified we will be looking at ways to help and in many cases we expect a pair of glasses or hearing aid will resolve the problem but we do expect a few to need medication or even simple surgery. As this will be the first EHN has offered this type of checking service we can’t give any details or numbers but will collect and repot the stats we collect at the end of year.

The reason EHN decided to expand its services to cover sight and hearing came after finding a few children in several schools that where failing exams and finding study hard. In a couple of cases it was later found out they just needed glasses or a hearing aid. In a country like Nepal it’s hard enough for a young person to have a good career and even if they do well at school so for the ones who fail it’s nearly impossible.

EHN’s Health and Hygiene education projects will run alongside the sight and hearing checks in many cases as we look to help prevent health issues by educating children in more detail on hand washing and spread of bacteria.

EHN would like to thank the people who have donated the money for us to be able to buy the audio testing system and can’t wait to get out later in the year and see how many children we can find and help. None of this would have been possible without your support.


All the best EHN Team


Trekking in Nepal with EHN

Trek in those mountains with EHN

EHN has never used Christmas or any other festival to ask for donations. To date practically every penny we have received was offered and never asked for. Because at the end of the day our aim is to create a system in EHN where we use what Nepal has to offer this world to raise funds which can then be used to help its people. And Nepal has so much to offer the international traveller in terms of adventure, sport, sight-seeing & of course experience of a completely different way of life.
It`s a policy that we don’t ever want to change but as with all NGOs that want to grow we need more funds, volunteers and donors so one of the ways we would like to generate more funds to help more communities is through a trekking and travel booking service. And this service is a great way for you to combine volunteering with trekking knowing that as a reputable Charity we will only work with companies who are fully trained and offer a great service.
Over the past few years EHN has checked many agents to make sure you get a competitive price and reliable service. In return for booking your adventure though EHN the agent will donate 25% of the profit from your trek or travel package to us to fund our work in Nepal & some of the future projects we are planning to establish.
The money generated from this charity trekking and travel service helps us cover the costs of free health checks and medicines as well as educational toys and materials for the government schools and the new communities we work with.
Anyone using this service also has an open invitation to come see the people and projects we work with and how your contribution is used because both the trekking & volunteering side of EHN will work closely together to continue the great work we are doing.
For more details please contact EHN through our website