Running in Nepal to fund our work.

My dream has always been to fund EHN and other projects by using what Nepal has to offer this world. I want to do this for so many reasons but the main one is simple, when you have lived among the rural Nepali you develop a great deal of respect for these villagers and culture. Over the past few years we have developed a strong volunteering organisation supporting education & health projects but in order to expand our work we need to build a funding stream.

We are slowly building a trekking company to fund EHN but I really want to open more of Nepal to cross country running because this is a great country for a run.

Now we are working with an English company to launch races in Nepal and they are starting races from October 2018 and these will be available for any runner interested. And we are also looking for small groups interested in trail blazing a new route for us.

All we ask because we are a charity is that you pay your expenses and we will provide the support needed making it not only a trip helping us create a funding stream but also a trip of a lifetime. Because how many people can say they have been running in the Himalayas.

As an added bonus we would like to put everyone`s name into a hat and select one to have the actual race named after them as a way of saying thank you.