EHN working with the Shree Rupa Jyoti Secondary School

Education & Health Nepal working with the Shree Rupa Jyoti Secondary  School

An invitation to meet with the Head of the Seed foundation based near Pokhara Nepal led to a joint project being planned for 2015 with the building of a women’s empowerment 17centre for the communities around Begnas Lake, just outside Pokhara. But a side project materialised with a chance introduction with Maniram Kadel the head master of the Shree Rupa Jyoti Secondary School. The idea being that if children were to have a better chance of having a great education experience then they should have a better environment in which to study and the EHN painting project was formed.

The first joint project

So EHN recruited a team of volunteers and off they went to the school for a month when the children were on holiday. Spending time in the day painting the school and the evenings living with the local families it gave them a chance to experience rural Nepal at its best. The results from the community, children and the teachers themselves were amazing and we have been asked to look at another 43 schools in the area.

The follow on from the painting project

18But because Education is one of the main fields of work we talked more with Maniram and found out about his quest for helping the children of his area. We decided that we could do more than just paint the schools in the area and have started working on a teacher training programme where we hope to team Student teachers with the schools in the area. Which when implemented should result in better quality of education for the children as well as an exchange of teacher training methods. As well as the opportunity for student teachers to experience teaching in a completely different environment.  At this present time we have been recruiting volunteers to teach in the school but really want to develop a curriculum which supports the Nepali teachers and help the children gain a better level of English.

The future

If you are part of or involved with a teacher training section of your University and would like to get involved with a long term project helping to raise the teaching & educational standards in one area of Nepal then please get it touch with Wayne at wayne@ehn-nepal.org19

One part of the project is to adapt or even create an English syllabus from the west which can be implemented into the school. The aim of this is to raise the standard of the students English to such a level in the first 5 years that it carries them through to college and beyond.

The second part of the project is a teacher exchange programme where English teachers (students) are placed at the school and work side by side with the Nepali English teachers.

Resulting in a mutual sharing of teaching ideas that benefit both parties and the students in their care.