Rural Medical centre in Gerkhu

In 2011 when we were registered under Experience Himalayan Nepal we were contacted from an American organisation called Building Bridges Worldwide. Who were interested in building a school in the Himalayas and wanted to know if we would act as their local contact. In the discussions that followed it was decided that Nepal has an abundance of schools run by the government that are poorly funded so why not help renovate one of these. So on our suggestion they agreed to renovate the rural school of Gerkhu and when the costs were added together there were still a considerable sum of money left and the idea of a rural medical centre was born. Because in the rural areas this was something that could really help because many Nepali lose their lives to very small ailments because lack of medical care available. Things like infections, broken legs and even diarrhoea have all taken lives over the centuries.

So in Oct 2011 a team of volunteers from America arrived in Nepal to join with locals in constructing the foundations of the centre. In the two weeks that followed they were able to help establish the footings and the wall so when they left EHN worked alongside local craftsmen to see the job done.


On completion of the building one of the Nepali founders of EHN understanding that as an NGO we didn’t have the funds, staff and resources to run the centre in a way that would best support the people of Gerkhu. Went ahead and talked with friends in the government and offered it to them on the condition they provided the staff & medical supplies needed to keep it running till the present day. Over the last couple of years it’s been proven to be a valuable addition to the local community providing basic medical care for all. And from our regular reports back from friends in the centre we know that it has been responsible for saving several lives and will continue to do so in the future so all in all it’s been a great project.

Note- EHN will always put the interests of the people we are trying to help first, we have & will continue to work with local government, other NGO`s as well as foreign organisations to make a success of each project.