Global grizzlies medical trek.

EHN welcomed the Global Grizzlies from the USA who will be spent the month of July working as volunteers in the Himalayas alongside the EHN team on a medical trek. There were several targets to achieve here with the testing of children for hearing and eye problems to the education of good hygiene.

This was because when you look at the statistics of medical care in rural Nepal its disturbing that in this day and age people die from the simplest of diseases and ailments. But in defence of the powers that be its also very difficult to provide in a terrain so mountainous because the communities are scattered in the numerous valleys. So one solution is a medical trek that will turn into a regular medical trek offering free medical care to all.

So the reasons behind this trek from providing basic medical care to rural villages through to establishing our presence in these areas so we can provide long term support. Over the next couple of years we will work hard to establish medical care & health training in these areas.

On top of this we hope that this trek will set the benchmark for future ones into more remote areas where there is little or no medical care for the people who live there.