Projects for 2014

EHN was started with just a website and small office in Kathmandu, since then we have worked hard to build the volunteer organisation we have today. And from 2014 our aim is to create, fund and then build several projects each year that work to make a better community. This year we have decided to work with tree planting to help combat soil erosion in the community forests and creating a better study environment for rural schools.

This year and every one after  EHN will design, find the funding and then implement several projects that will help the poorer communities of Nepal. The funding will come from the volunteers themselves as well as the profit EHN makes on running its organisation.  They will be projects that are achievable and potential volunteers can participate in and will have an emphasise on Health & Education.So as EHN grows in size then so will our projects.

If you look at our choice of projects you will notice that they are the start of bigger things. The tree planting is the start of a bigger soil erosion project that will last several years and EHN will continue to provide volunteers to help. The school painting project will also continue as we have another 43 schools in this area lined up ready. So we are looking for small teams of 4-6 volunteers at a time interested in working on these projects.

Our main aim is to use our volunteer organisation as a base to insure the long term success of each project and develop a working relationship we each one. would to help one of our projects then please email