Painting project in Rupa, Pokhara.

There are a number of ideas behind Education & health Nepal joining forces with local rural schools to brighten the schools through painting. The first is to build a working relationship with the school and the community so we can implement other projects and this has been proven in our first working partnership between us and the Shree Rupa Jyoti secondary school.

It all started in 2014 when we took a small team of volunteers up when the children were on holiday  & the team were Mary, Helena, Soyeon, Theo and Sagar) who spent the month working with the local community to paint the outside of the school. And if you look at the slideshow below it shows what a success the project was. Since then EHN has been recruiting teaching volunteers as well as running a couple of medical camps together with the school.  And then in April 2015 another small team of volunteers took on the task of painting the inside of the classrooms (please see the link to Facebook for photos) which will mean the children now have a wonderful environment to study in.

The area where the school is situated is near the beautiful town of Pokhara and has a number of schools where EHN want to develop educational programmes with the schools and this painting project is just the start of a number of projects we will be running there.

With the painting project finished and a great success we are now looking at the next 43 schools in the area and one at a time we will recruit small teams of volunteers to pain them.

If you would like to take part in volunteering in the next group or even represent a college or school who are interested in painting the next school then please contact either Phil or Wayne at