Projects for 2015.

In 2015 plans to run a number of projects expanding on the work we have achieved so far and push into areas where we would like to make an impact. Our aim is to continue with our steady growth in the social sector, improve the quality of experience for our volunteers and help develop the projects we are working with.  And best of all with the UK registration build a strong support network across the UK and world of like-minded people interested in helping others.

Our target for 2015

1. The building of a women’s empowerment centre with the Seed foundation near Begnas lake designed and supported by both organizations in establishing training programmes to enable the local women to earn a living, teaching English and support network for the women to help build a better life in the village.    Link to page

2. Continuing our tree planting project with WCN and expand this to other areas of the community forest where its needed. This project can only be held at certain times of the year just before Monsoon season so the saplings have a stronger survival rate. Link to page

3. To push forward in school painting project up through the Rupa Thal and Begnas area after our success of last year building a stronger link between EHN and the community. Link to Page

4. To establish a stronger support programme with our Sister school the Shree Rupa Jyoti Secondary School by working closely with the Headmaster on how we can help improve the education for the children.  Link to page

5. Helping to build a strong network of support for the Maitri Griha disabled children’s centre so we can expand their work to include more children.

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