EHN 2015 building project with the Seed foundation

EHN Nepal and The Seed Foundation have become partners in a project based in the Kaski district between Begnas and Rupa Tal. This project involves the construction of a multi-purpose building being built between the two lakes to provide local woman with a chance to learn new skills and sell the items they make. The Seed Foundation has already acquired the land and EHN has had two Spanish civil engineer volunteers spend time at the location to help plan the build.  Once we have finished the research into materials the Engineers will be able to supply us with a final build plan plus requires amount of materials. From this point Damodar will work with his local contacts to total cost for the construction of the building while I will focus on raising the funds.

EHN will be putting some of the money in and will also be using the UK to help raise funds for the woman’s centre.  The two Spanish volunteers have said they will apply for a donation from their University so this will be a joint funded venture from a few kind sponsors. And the reasons both The Seed Foundation and EHN believe this centre is a good idea is because woman in Nepal tend to have a much lower status and no control over land or money. By teaching them new skills such a sewing, knitting, Jewellery making and even coffee roasting and grinding we feel this will give the woman a much needed confidence boast plus a means to earn their own money.

We also hope to use the centre to offer free English lessons for local ladies, EHN will able to provide teaching volunteers. Another idea is to open a coffee shop on the roof over looking Begnas and the Annapurna mountains.  The surrounding area has a great amount of local coffee growers we hope to work with and the shop would not only give them a better price per Kg but also give at least two to four locals the chance to work and help generate money to run the centre.

The idea is for the centre to not just train but also help sell the products made by the local woman, the profit can then go to the running and maintenance of the building. This should help keep the project running and building in good working order.

Long term we hope to see the building become a centre for training woman in many different crafts plus become  small sales outlet for locally produced arts, crafts and goods. It will completely run by local people with the support of EHN volunteers to help train whenever needed.