What we spend your money on!

Every NGO like EHN has to make a profit because if they didn’t then they could not complete their work and EHN is no different. Because even though we charge one of the lowest fees around for an organization like ours over the past year we have built up a small fund (we are lucky to have people supporting us with private donations as well.) .

So in 2014 it was agreed we can start putting some of this money back into the projects that we have been working with. So here is what we have invested the profits from our volunteer organization in so far.

  1.      Working alongside Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) we invest £1265 into protective fencing for the 3000 trees that Hong Kong student Rotaract group planted in an on-going project to repopulate the trees in the community forests of Nepal.
  2.      A couple of months ago before the monsoon season started we invested just under £1000 in a new roof for the M.G disabled children’s home especially for the physio room which would have been unusable in the wet season.
  3.       At the same home we have just invested around £400 in helping to secure the well wall because its in danger of collapsing. In Nepal if you don’t have a well then you don’t have your own water supply.
  4.       In another home we support we have just invested around £350 for a new water pump so they can have access to water for the orphanage and the women’s empowerment centre they support   
  5. In 2015 we donated £2000 to the building fund for the womens empowerment centre in Pokhara. By doing this they can start the building while we help them raise more. 
  6. In 2015 thanks to the kind donations made by our friends, sponsors and many others who wanted to help after the terrible earthquakes we were able to buy over 6 tonnes of essential aid for various villages that were affected. 
  7. With the money left over and kind donations from our friends in Hong Kong we have been able to spend just over £40,000 to completely rebuild the Shree Nawa lower secondary school in Gorkha.

 More to follow soon.