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EHN has recently started a new service for anyone looking to visit Nepal and give something back.

Whether you’re Trekking, Rafting, Sightseeing or out on Safari we can help you book your adventure with a reliable local agent that has agreed to donate 30 to 50% of the profit to EHN we book with them to help fund future projects in Nepal.

Imagine yourself hiking up through this valley

As a new and small NGO with limited resources and staff we have relied on volunteer fees to carry on the work we do. With the exception of the earthquake in 2015 we would only see 5 to 10% at best of all the charities income coming from donations.  In 2015 we did see a massive increase in money being donated and ended up receiving tens of thousands of pounds. At first we used some to take food and shelter supplies out to areas badly effected where the people were living on the streets after losing their homes. After a month or so we felt that we wanted to use the remaining money to rebuild a school in a village we had visited just 2 days before the earthquake. We had enough to complete the ground the floor and after advertising that we needed additional money to complete the school a previous volunteer offered to raise the money with a group of friends who donated $20’000. The new eight classroom reinforced concrete school has now been open one year and cost just over $55’000 which is around £39’000 and offers a safe place to learn for over 200 students in a village in Gorkha, Nepal.

You start in the valleys and end high in the snow capped mountains

Now EHN receives a much lower amount in donations but wants to do more after seeing the new school open but we are not the type of NGO go begging or trying to guilt trip you into donating money by using heart breaking stories and pictures of people we help. We like to focus on the positives of what we do and where so what better way than to encourage more people to come see the wonderful Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.

You can come as a volunteer and then do a trek or safari or just come as a tourist and use us as our service to help us make more to do more. We have checked many agents and guides over the years and found one that is reliable with good guides and fair prices. They have agreed to donated 30 to 50% of the profit they make to EHN on every customer we send to them but the prices they will charge you are the same as if you went direct so it will not affect the price you pay.

So by now you may be asking what else the money EHN makes from this service goes towards.

Every year we have a few projects that volunteers come from across the globe to help with. These are the school painting projects and free health camps that we run in the Government village schools we work with.  We put together teams of volunteers paint Government schools in village areas with bright and colourful designs. It’s a simple this to do and gives the schools a much brighter and more hospitable look and feel. It also does not take a paid job away from a local as the Government would never had enough money to budget for artwork.

The final goal is usually the base camp.

The free health camps have bigger numbers of people and a mix of foreign and Nepali volunteers who set up a free health camps using two or three of the school classrooms. We offer free triage health checks, consultation with a doctor and free medicines to anyone who comes to see us over the 3 to 5 days we are open. We also now run health education and awareness classes with the students after the med camps closes. On average we see between 400 and 600 people over the few days we are there and we aim to run at least two a year but with your help more.

On trekking and other activities Nepal has to offer you have a few more options than you may think. Of course trekking and climbing are the first two activities that would come to mind for most and with 8 of the world’s highest peaks all here it’s not hard to see why. Everest or Sagarmatha to give it its local name is the highest peak in the world and has one of the most popular treks called the Everest Base Camp trek. Topping out about 5550m above sea level this is a trek that will test you tolerance to altitude so trekkers beware. Then you have the stunning Annapurna range which are located more centrally. These are a little lower than the Sagarmatha range but are easier to access and have some breath taking views of snow-capped mountains. Poon hill, Annapurna base camp and the Annapurna circuit are the main routes but many others are there to be explored. Langtang, Mustang, Manasalu and Dolpa are some of the other areas trekkers and climbers can explore should you wish to try a trek on less trodden path.After this Nepal has a rich culture and heritage to share along with some rare and stunning wildlife.

Kathmandu is without doubt one of the dustiest and dirtiest cities I have ever lived in but it also holds so many hidden gems and secrets for the adventurous traveller to find. From the 55 window palace in Bhaktapur to the flying flags of Swayambhu Kathmandu has plenty of history and culture to explore.

If cities are not your thing and trekking seems too much like hard work then why not try Yoga and meditation in Pokhara around the lakes? Nepal is the birth place of Lord Buddha and the second home of Hinduism so with that comes a deep spiri

Pokhara the tourist town of Nepal

tual and culture that’s rich in herbal and spiritual healing.

Last but by no means least we have Nepal’s wildlife which when you know when and where to look can be pretty amazing.  The two main parks are in the south on the border with India so have a much more India plain look and fee to them after being in the foothills. Here we have wild Bengal Tigers, Asian Elephant and single horn Rhino, mugger and Gharial crocodiles, Peacocks along with many other wild animals.  Some of which are on the endangered list such as the single horn Rhino and Gharial. Nepal is a small but densely diverse country with a topography starting at 100m above sea level and topping out just under 9000m above sea level. This gives it a very unique look and feel while providing several different eco systems, 2 main religions, 100s of local languages and 1000s of species and natural wonders. If you are looking to come to Nepal as a volunteer or tourist and want to give a little back then all we ask if a chance to quote on your adventure ?

Should you choose to use the EHN booking service we will be only too happy to meet you when you are in Nepal and if possible take you to see what we do and how you have helped.

All the best and safe travels …

EHN Nepal

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