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Mina`s Dream & EHN believe that developing a funding stream from using the beauty of the Himalayas to help members of the poorer communities has to be the way forward. Because many of the bigger charities actually run Charity treks in the Himalayas & ask for the person to raise thousands of pounds to do so but the money goes to them and is spent elsewhere.  At EHN & Mina`s Dream we will be given a commission from the trekking company that you will be trekking which will not affect the cost of the trek. On top of this you will be given the opportunity to raise money for the projects you are supporting as well as being able if you have the time to visit while you are in Nepal.

Trek for EHN:- As an organisation we are lucky because the only staff we have are based in Nepal who are supported by a small team of volunteers helping across the world. So our expenses are relatively low compared to others. Add the fact that volunteers pay a fee and some of that money is used to fund the organisation we feel that by setting up Trek for EHN we can raise funding to cover the day to day running of the organisation which will allow us to invest much more into the projects we are supporting. There will be no fixed trek for this one but if you are planning to trek in Nepal then why not trek for us and help raise money at the same time. 

Press Here for a range of treks.

When you choose a trek please allow the following time spans so you can enjoy your time in Nepal because it is a third world country & you will need time to adjust to the various parts of your trip. Firstly allow at least a full day on arrival for you to acclimatise because you will be arriving in Kathmandu to allow you time to meet our trekking guide & prepare for your trek. If you have times then also allow a day or so for sightseeing around Kathmandu because it’s a much polluted city but there are some world famous historic sites that are worth seeing.  Also when planning the trek give yourself at least two days after the trek ends depending on which trek you have taken. Its worth doing this for treks in the Everest & Annnapurna region because if there are logistical problems like bad weather you may have problems reaching the airport on tie for your flight. Its mainly because the Everest treks finish at Lukla a regional airport in the mountains and at times flights are cancelled due to bad weather. And the Annapurna finish at Pokhara over 160 kms away from Kathmandu and it can take a day to get back by public transport. Finally if it’s possible allow an extra day or two for shopping, maybe visiting a project, saying goodbye to your guide & the EHN team.