Create Your Own Project

There are many organisations across the World who is interested in helping in Nepal to build a school, orphanage or project to help the poorest communities. Projects that have been designed with the right help & support can really make a difference in a small community. And all need a genuine partner in Nepal who can support them, a partner who will tell the truth about what is needed there and how to run it after the project has been completed.

This is where the team of Education & Health come in because for the last couple of years we have been working with local communities across Nepal to help build projects for communities using western knowledge adapted to work in the Nepali environment.

 And after several years of working to build our logistical team and knowledge we are ready.

What EHN offers any potential partner..

  1. An honest opinion if your project is a good idea and how it can be adapted to work in Nepal,
  1. If needed then support to adapt the project so it has a greater chance of success.
  1. A plan of action to make sure your project lasts well into the future.
  1. Full support from our volunteer organisation to make it work. 



Over the past couple years we have worked hard on building our projects. We have done this from just a website and fund all our work through the small fee we charge the volunteers. And even from this we can invest some into our projects to make a better place for the poorer communities in Nepal. Please ask for our credentials if you are looking for a partner in Nepal

Want to know more?

 Then please contact us