We are looking for people interested in fundraising for our projects in Nepal because since our very first day we have always been honest with the money that people have given us to support our work & that’s quite rare in this field of work. So many charities have offices in various countries & huge numbers of staff which will take up a sizeable slice of any money you raise for them. But EHN is different because our belief is only people who are working in Nepal should be paid meaning at least 95% of the money

After several visits Zukki is well known among the students

generated will go to Nepal where it’s needed.

How we actually work is that we fund most of our organisation through international volunteers which we place in various projects across Nepal. But if we want to grow into a serious charity tackling bigger problems then we need to look at fundraising in a more professional manner. And this is becoming a reality after several ex volunteers who liked our work and helped to promote it when they went home.

 Kind people like Cindy who put EHN in front of her college, Rosemary who has just donated a large sum of money to be spent on children in Nepal, Zukki & Ramesh who are always helping out with the projects in Pokhara, Mary who took EHN to her church to raise money & Melisa who complete the tough mudder for us have all contributed to helping EHN.

We are a registered UK charity even though the majority of our work is done in Nepal & there are several reasons for this, one is the fact that the founders are from the UK and have strong ties there & the second is that by being registered in the UK we are accountable to the charities commission.  So this gives us a greater level of transparency in our work and provides a level of assurance to our supporters.

The future

We have just finished funding the rebuilding of the Shree Nawa lower secondary school in Gorkha & in March 2017 our painting team goes in to make it the best looking school in the district.  But we are looking to do more so if you fancy fundraising for the school we can use the money for educational materials. 

One of our best home stays in Nepal

If you are interested in building a rural medical camp and would like to build a team with funding then why not talk with our team. You will need a small team of medical staff (EHN will provide the Nepali staff to support you) and will need to raise around £1,000-£2,000 for logistics.

Or if you are more hands on then why not build a painting team, raise funds and work with EHN to paint one of the many schools we have on the list. Ideally you need a team of 6-8 people and it will take around a month to complete. In terms of money you will need to raise around £1,500-£2,000 which will cover most of the logistics in country.

Or alternatively if you are thinking of volunteering and need a little help in raising the money needed to come and volunteer then why not use the platform from Fund My Travel. Please see the link below.

Our registration in the UK is now complete so we will be looking to start a number of fund-raising programmes designed to raise enough money to complete our projects. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact EHN through the for more details.