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The majority of our team use to work together in an organisation & this is where we learnt about working in Nepal as well as the main priorities for the communities we are trying to help. Over these years we saw many good as well as bad practices working in Nepal we decided that we wanted to concentrate on the two main fields we felt were the most important.  Our decision was that we should work in rural areas where there is less opportunity for people and concentrate on the fields of health & education where we could really make a difference.   

A hand washing exercise in one of the schools

And since the earthquake we have been working hard to build a good reputation both online with our supporters and the communities that we work with. This has been working well because when we go into a project then we continue to support through helping to develop new ideas. To date we have laid down the ground work for Education & Health projects in a number areas and would like to find the support to expand & develop these projects.

As we have had a great start we are looking to establish connections with Universities & colleges interested in helping our team reach the next level of development in each of these fields. We offer any potential partner Universities & Colleges a genuine project (or partner if they want to create one of their own) where they will have the chance of developing it over the coming years as a full partner. On top of this you will be able to travel to Nepal & spend time volunteering at the project where you will be able to see the implementation of your ideas.

Time to hit the road home

 In short if you are students in the fields of health or education and are looking to support or even establish a project in a foreign country then why not pick Nepal as that county & EHN as the local organisation to support you.

We offer a well-established local organisation fully registered in Nepal as well as the UK to act as your partner on the ground. On top of this we can work together to design & build a project to your specific requirements adapted to work in Nepal. And finally a feedback system second to none.

There are two main areas we are working in and each one has an example of previous work achieved by EHN.

  Press here for an example of  an Education project 

  Press here for an example of Health project

So if you are a University, College or student interested in supporting our work then please email Wayne at wayne@ehn-nepal.org or fill in the online application form mentioning which college or University you are with.