In 2015 EHN-Nepal finally became a UK registered charity with a small team of trustees & volunteers who work for free so the majority of the money (around 95% min as we have to pay website & some advertising bills) goes to Nepal where it’s needed.  This way we can hold our heads up high and say that we are one of the few charities that do this and are happy to prove it through our accounts. Over the coming years we hope to keep to this rule unless EHN grows to such a size we need to employ someone but you can rest assured that the majority of the money raised will always be spent in Nepal.

Fancy working with these children?

 The reason behind registering as a UK charity are numerous starting with the fact that many of our ex volunteers wanted to raise money for various projects that we supported & being a registered charity helps them convince the sponsors that the money would be going to where it was intended. Another reason was like a child EHN was growing & learning many things about working in Nepal & have long held the view that if we could raise our own money then we could design & run our own projects meaning that we would set the levels of accountability to the people who support us. All of this & much more is achievable because of our registration as a UK charity. You can support our organisation comfortable in the knowledge that we are regulated by two different countries & that your money & support will be used wisely.

A face that wants to learn.

But in short it comes down to the fact that as a charity we work for the people we are trying to help & we should be accountable to these people as well as those who support us.

 So over the coming years our aim is to build a strong network of supporters, donors & sponsors who are interested in coming together to make a difference to others.  These can range from ordinary people interested in doing something special by helping others through to organisations, charities, colleges, Universities’ etc. who need a reliable partner to work in the wonderful country of Nepal.

We offer you an honest transparent organisation with accounts available for all to see who will act as your local partner in Nepal.

 If you are interested in knowing more then please contact

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