EHN & Brothers Nepal

I first met one of the founders of Brothers Nepal when visiting one of my oldest friends in Nepal from which he is also a member of.  We didn’t really get chance to talk very much at the time because I had such a short time & hadn’t seen the family for several years. But we exchange Facebook contact details & kept in touch on my return to the UK.Brothers Nepal

Over the past couple of years we have exchanged many messages swapping ideas on a subject we both cared a lot about, ways to help the poorer communities of Nepal. And was so impressed when I heard he had created an organisation made up of Nepali youth with the aim of helping his own country. I may be English from birth but am married to a Nepali consider Nepal to be my second home and love the country like my own.  To me this organisation needed supporting because so many young Nepali want to study and settle abroad the idea of young Nepali working towards making their country great was fantastic.

And my initial thoughts have been proven correct time and time again because of what they have achieved just by using what Nepal can generate to help its own people. So at the first possible collaboration between EHN and Brother’s Nepal EHN invited them to join us on an education project with a visiting group from Hong Kong.  A complete success was then followed by an invitation to help on a health camp which turned into another success & as we will work together again soon.

Supporting Brother’s Nepal in their quest to help their own people is a must because everyone who knows Nepal & its people also knows that it’s wrong to give charity to such wonderful people. But helping them to help build their own future is a privilege.

If you are a youth group anywhere in this world and would like to contact Brothers Nepal then send an email to Wayne at and we will introduce you to their founder.