Achievements so far

Using only their ideas to raise funds through the local community they have achieved a lot so far. With a little international help they will do so much more. 

The majority of our members donate blood on a regular basis in the local hospitals because there is always a shortage of available blood. On top of this we hold awareness programmes to encourage others to follow our example.

After the devastating earthquakes of 2015 our members went to the hospitals to offer our services in the local hospitals. As well as raising funds to provide emergency relief to the stricken areas which were spent in providing food and medicine to some of the victims of the earthquake. Then a team from Brothers Nepal went to the epicentre in Gorkha to launch a medical camp & distribute supplies for as many people as we could.  Staying there for over a week our team spread out across the area helping in repairing damaged housing, constructing shelters & moral support.

In 2015 our team decided to support two families who members needed funds to provide medical care due to failing kidneys. So we clubbed together to hold an inter school dance competition to raise the funding they needed which was a success and the money given the families.

During the Terai strike which happened last year causing extreme shortages across Nepal we organised a peace rally across Chitwan to promote goodwill, unity and peace for our suffering country.

Our home country is suffering from pollution so across Chitwan teams from Brothers Nepal have been involved in environmental cleaning, replanting & teaching projects to encourage people to love & protect our environment for the future.

On the occasions of the Constitution signing & World Peace day we bought the community together with a candle light rally.

Dashain 2072 a programme was organised by Brothers Nepal to raise funds to feed, clothe 50 street children living among the rubbish in the local city. At the same time of distribution we organised a health check-up and provided the local hospitals all of the data for future reference. Later working with the local Chitwan police we gathered all of these children and settled them in a safe secure centre in the city. Before moving those on to an abandoned primary school block in Anandapur where they have access to food, clothes and care.

Worked with EHN on several projects in the Kaski district of Nepal in the fields of health & Education.