Who are Brothers Nepal?

Brothers Nepal is a registered youth non-profit organisation registered under the constitutional law of Nepal (registration no 071/072-110) & founded in Bharatpur, Chitwan Nepal.  The focus of our organisation is to help lead the youth of Nepal towards helping to solve the many problems our society face. Through the increasing of goodwill to all, preserving our rich culture and Nepali nature our aim is to work toward uplifting the lower castes & poorer members of our society by using what we have.

Brothers Nepal LogoWe are a young organisation that focuses on any sector of our society that needs uplifting by motivating the local youth of Nepal to volunteer their ideas & time to raise funds and manpower to achieve our goals. One such activity is though working with local authorities in Chitwan we have gathered all of the street children and organised shelter & education.  With an aim to keep the children safe & off the streets people & the authorities from the local area are supporting this project through regular donations. Other such projects include health, sanitation, blood donation, fund raising for people in need and many other projects have been & are still running by our organisation.

All our lives we have seen the results of international help & support in Nepal some of it good & some bad and because of this Brothers Nepal were created.  To mobilise the youth of today to work towards solving our countries problems by using what we have to offer. We are the youth of Nepal, we are proud of our country and want to serve it and make it a place for all to live safely.