Rebuilding Nepal

22720_825257300886831_8385368429882264486_nOn 25th April 2015 Nepal was hit by a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake. So far thousands of people have been confirmed to have lost their lives, with many more having their homes and livelihoods destroyed. After this terrible disaster that has happened in Nepal, EHN are looking the future and will help in rebuilding the country. We are very grateful to the many people who have been in touch so far with messages of support for the people of Nepal & wanting to help. The situation is constantly changing as more news comes in from the more remote areas of the country, but for now here are the main ways in which you can help;

Donate to EHN Nepal


Please consider submitting a donation to EHN Nepal by clicking here.


We are able to accept donations from all over the world through PayPal. If you are a UK taxpayer, we are able to reclaim 25% of your donation through gift aid as we are now a registered UK charity. So if you donate & are from the UK please let us know & we will send you a gift aid form. We can also accept donations by a bank transfer, please get in touch if you would like to do this.

So far we have kindly received over £2500 in donations and counting. EHN will be using the funds towards helping the home stay families and villages we work with to rebuild after one the worst earthquakes Nepal has had in the last century. As the days and weeks go by and the injured are treated in Kathmandu, there is a danger that many will forget about the rural villages so we would like to raise funds to send supplies & money to help them rebuild their homes and lives.

10649911_825323984213496_3299254087908008978_nVolunteer in Nepal

At the present time it is not safe nor practical for large numbers of volunteers to come to Nepal. At the moment emergency services, food & relief from international agencies have priority.

However EHN is looking to put together two teams of construction volunteers to come & help the families in the rural villages we work with to rebuild their homes. But we have to move fast to try and get some rebuilding done before monsoon season hits. Anyone interested in helping and can get to Nepal during the month of May 2015 please email

Over the coming months EHN will be looking to start recruiting volunteers again, who can get their hands dirty and help us to rebuild the houses, schools and buildings that have fallen in the rural villages, as well as help out with other tasks and projects which will develop at more news of the damage comes in. You will need to be able to live in a tent or basic accommodation and survive on basic rations.

At the moment we are registering people who are interested, and will get back in touch with everyone who has asked us about volunteering when we have a plan in place.

11206050_826525634093331_901821142346731819_nSo if you are willing to volunteer & capable of the following;

1. Building experience in rural conditions or willing to get your hands dirty by labouring side by side with the locals.

2. Can survive in basic conditions seeing your reward as helping a family rebuild their home.

3. Are willing to help raise a little money for the building of the homes.

Then please register your interest in volunteering by emailing Wayne at

EHN believe that no one should profit from such a disaster so for every volunteer on this project we will only use enough of the fee to pay the organisations fees and the rest will be given to the family to help pay for building supplies.

Volunteer from home

11133881_10203839898504493_445393503419353304_nThere are many ways you can help EHN & the people of Nepal even from your own home. At the moment many of our past volunteers and supporters are creating their own fundraising campaigns to raise money for EHN, which we are very grateful for. If you have any questions or ideas for fundraising please get in touch with Wayne at

We can also use help from volunteers with online skills to help with our online marketing & social media, raising awareness, fundraising, website updates & so on. If you are interested in helping out with any online activities please email Aaron at

Thank you to everyone for your messages, donations and support! Please also follow our Facebook page where we will be posting regular updates on the situation in the villages we work with & the rebuilding effort to help the people of Nepal.