Help wanted for a special project.

In 2013 on a visit back to his home district of  Dhankota  in Eastern Nepal, Manoj Shrestha (currently living in the UK) came across a rundown house in a small village near his home. And as he got closer to the house he noticed a man hobbling along on his knees because of some accident. So Manoj went over introduced himself and they got talking, the man whose names is Dhan Bahadur Shrestha had the lower part of both legs amputated after gangrene set in following an accident. As part of Nepali custom tea was made and Dhan start telling Manoj about the unlucky streak his family had suffered over the last few years.

So Manoj visited again the next day and Dhan introduced him to the rest of the family, his brother Ram being bedridden after breaking his spine over 15 years ago, their wife`s & Rams grown up sons. All of them living in one run down house & struggling to survive by scratching a living on the land left to them by their father who can’t cultivate the land because of his broken spine.

Manoj took it on himself to help, went back to Kathmandu and found a place that offers artificial legs for free on the condition that they come to KTM so they can be measured & fitted properly. On returning to the village & talking to Dhan he discovered that they didn’t have to money to live properly so how would they find the 40,000NP that it would cost for the trip. So Manoj paid out of his own pocket & accompanied Dhan to KTM helped him with everything and escorted him back to the village with his new legs.

And this started a friendship between their Dhan & Manoj & his brother Bharat a captain in the Gurkhas. Who paid another 40000 NP so the family can pay off the loan they took out on their land and between them provided support after the earthquakes of 2015.

The family live in a small village of around 50 houses scattered across the valley around 3 km from the nearest small town where they people can buy the basis items like tea, sugar, cooking oil and clothes etc. And there are a relatively good network of roads connecting the villages through to the nearest large town called Dhankuta being around 50 km away where there is a small hospital and district centre.

The Problem

Being Nepali they are proud people and don’t want charity all the time & want to do something that can provide an income so they can stand on their own. Currently they receive 1000 NP ($10) per month each from the government & the little money Rams two sons earn as day labourers for local farmers. Which even before the earthquakes put them well below the poverty line in Nepal and since with prices increasing monthly an even worse position.