How we can help

The solution is with goats

The team at  EHN`s help Manoj & Bharat want to do something to help for the long term security of this family so they can hold their heads up high in the community. And the way to do this is to provide them with the tools to create their income rather than providing money every month. So our aim is to build a plan of action to utilise their skills & knowledge of rural Nepal to give the family the chance to survive on their own. And then follow it up with a support program in the following months to make sure everything is running smoothly & providing any extra support to ensure a successful conclusion of this project.

The one thing every rural Nepali family know is how to look after goats because of the importance of such animals. And being animals that are easily looked after and there is an ever ready market for them we feel the best way to help is the creation of a small goat farm.

 The family have 10 ropani of land between them which was left to the brothers by their father when he died. In their present state of health they can’t farm the land & would receive very little money if they rented it out to other farmers so we could use this to help them make a living.   And at current prices for goats would generate between 6000-8000 NP per goat tripling their income at least. This would be the most simple of solutions and would take a little investment so they can build a goat hut where the goats can stay overnight and the goats themselves.

If we say: 1 breeding goat will give birth up to 3 kids every year

                  2 breeding goats will give birth up to 6 kids every year.

                  3 breeding goats would give birth up to 9 kids every year

                  4 breeding goats would give birth up to 12 kids every year.

I goat is approx. 8,000 NP so it would produce around 1 lakh a year  which is 10 times more money than what is coming in from the government at the moment.