The Wall

On this page we are hoping to put up one photo and a few sentences about your experience. If you have volunteered with us and would like to add to this wall please send the photo and writing to

“Working in Maiti Griha Daycare Centre was an experience I will never forget. Seeing the children progress is always so humbling and rewarding!” Shaun T …. UK

This picture was taken by one of the children at the school I helped paint with my team. He was Eagerly screaming my name so he could capture the excitement of the day. My experience with EHN was not only helping paint a school, but learning from the children of the village. They were eager to share their culture, love and language as much as they were eager to learn mine. There was truly so much love in my experience volunteering with EHN. The love and knowledge I gained are in my smiles forever. Sara USA

I have so many great pictures from maitri-griha and the great team of professionals there. Mike W …. USA Please keep the pics coming volunteers X P.S if you want to do a mosaic like Mike please feel free to do so

Volunteering in Nepal is a dream come true. You think you’re doing it to teach children & change their lives, but what you don’t realise is how much YOU are going to learn and grow and how your life is going to be impacted and changed for the better. Thank you EHN x


This is one of Eliana’s fav pictures, she has not given me any words to go with it yet but I think the picture speaks for itself .. Keep sending the pics in volunteers XX