Med camp planned for April 2020

Med camp volunteers wanted for April 2020.

EHN is setting up a medical camp for the first two weeks of April and are looking for volunteers to help manage and run the camp. A background in medicine is of course an advantage but volunteers without experience will also be able to join on the admin and organising side. So please if you are a fully qualified medical professional or a student looking for a new experience while helping others then this is a challenge for you.

Your duties as you can imagine will be varied depending on the patients that come through the doors but from past experience it can be anything from just a common cold to broken limbs, cuts bruises etc.  Though the majority of your duties will be to provide basic medical checks for the patients and diagnose any potential problems. Please note if there is anything serious then the patient will be sent to the nearest hospital in Pokhara for the care they need.

At the moment we have to finalise the location but the dates will be April 1st to April 15th to cover the med camp but you are welcome to stay longer and join another project or even take some well earned rest and explore this wonderful country. If you would like to do this then please as our guests talk with our team who will help and advise you.

All volunteers live and stay in small groups with local families in a home stay who will provide two local meals a day plus room. The food is freshly cooked and centres around the Nepali Dhal Bhat Tarkari (rice, curry and lentil soup) with noodles, biscuits and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables available.
We will cap the med camp at 10 volunteers so its on a first come first served basis and at present we have 3 to 4 volunteers already looking to book.

If you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me at or visit us at