Medical camps in Nepal

Back in March this year EHN worked with a local group to run a free medical camp in a Chepang community in the jungle near Hetuda in the south of Nepal.
The med camp ran for three days and had well over 100 visitors of which a fair few were young mothers and their children. Many of the cases where dermo based and just required better hygiene and or creams to ease the rash and dry skin or infections from cuts picked up farming or foraging in the jungle.
The lack of any medical facility in the area and a very low level of education means the Chepang suffer more than most in Nepal and due to their location and lifestyle are not the easiest to get to and help. Better health education along with free health camps help allot which is why EHN tries to provide some health education alongside the medical camps such as the two we ran this summer in Rupa school and Ramkot whenever possible.
April next year will be the first of several medical camp EHN is running in 2020 with the possibility of a high altitude camp in the summer in the Annapurna region some 3300 meters higher than the Chepang village in the flatlands of the south.
If you are looking to do something positive while having an adventure then I think one of the medical camps would be great idea.
EHN does require a certain amount of medical volunteers but we can also take 1 or 2 non-medical volunteers to help manage the project and patients.

For further details on future medical camps and how you can join or help please contact