A new path for EHN to become self sufficient.

EHN was set up as a low cost volunteering organisation providing international visitors genuine projects where they can volunteer. It’s been very successful because in the few short years we have placed over 400 volunteers gained enough attention from sponsors to raise the funding to build a medical centre and rebuild a complete school that was demolished by the earthquakes. On top of this we have funded medical camps and school painting projects as well as many others.

But as an organisation we are still very reliant on the fees volunteers pay to run EHN which isn’t a problem apart from the fact we want to evolve into a self-funding organisation that uses what Nepal has to offer this world. And if we can do this then we can either lower the fees for the volunteers or put more of the fees into the projects thus helping even more than we are now. This would help us, the communities we work with and Nepal as well because it would help to create sustainable jobs across the board for Nepali workers who stay in Nepal.

And the way to do this is to create a funding stream using trekking in the Himalayas. Because each and every year thousands of trekkers come to Nepal every year spending a lot of money on everything from taxis, sight-seeing, food and trekking. And in our eyes a percentage of this money generated should go back into the communities that need it where it will do the most good. Because Nepal is growing slowly and there is a middle class being developed but there is still a lot of work to be done and we would be proud to be part of creating something that allows people to help themselves to build the future.