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First of all EHN has been funding the construction of a new toilet block at Rupa school with money raised and donated by Lynn Guy and her Church group back in the UK. They donated around £7000 to help pay for the construction of the new toilet. We sent the first amount back in April but due to a heavy monsoon building work was delayed. As it stands the lower section of the building is almost done and will open soon with a second floor being constructed at a later date to be used for storage. As with most school toilets in rural schools in Nepal they are not very hygienic and in many cases broken or not working properly which send the children into the fields or bushes. Lynn identified this problem when she was volunteering with EHN at Rupa School and convinced her Church group to donate the annual funds to rebuild a new facility. Lynn will be back in Nepal later this year to see how it’s going and the difference it has made to the children and staff.

Secondly EHN is looking to raise money to help support to two Doctors from Kanti Children’s hospital obtain fellowship degrees. The first doctor wishes to get a qualification in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and the other in Haematology. Kanti hospital had a brand new ICU ward open this year but they only have one fully qualified doctor to work in it so they are desperate for ICU doctors. Also the lab needs a Haematologist to help run the tests on blood work and get the right treatment for the children. At the moment the hospital only has an Adult Haematologist but they really need a qualified Paediatric specialist. There are many departments that really need Paediatric qualified doctors but as they need to take a year out of work to study and many of them already have families it hard for them to get the qualifications. EHN is looking to help with their living costs while in India studying the relevant qualification. Once they have completed the course they will be under contract to Kanti hospital for a minimum of 4 years.

Last project I wanted to talk about are the free medical camps EHN runs every year. This year we have seen a decrease in the number of volunteers applying which meant we couldn’t run a med camp in July but we also lost Raju when he had s serious accident and fractured his C2 vertebrae. This meant that with the main member of staff who helps run the med camps out for many months and low numbers of volunteers applying we have had to cancel the free med camps for 2017. What we would like to do for 2018 is raise money earlier in the year to help cover the costs of the free medicine and doctor so we are not reliant on volunteer numbers. What this will mean is we can plan further ahead and offer a free health check and treatment no matter how many volunteers apply.

If you would like to help EHN raise money for either or both of the above projects or like Lynn want to undertake your own project in Nepal but need someone on the ground to manage it please drop us an email.

All the best to one and all and hope to see you in Nepal soon