Volunteering with Children


Take the kids out for the day sightseeing

 Please note as a rule EHN will not work with many orphanages & children’s homes due to the fact that a large % of those who have approached us asking for help do not put the children first.  Time & time again we have been asked to support a home/ orphanage only to be greeted with smiles and warm words then send in volunteers who as they are there on a daily basis find the truth.  And because as an organisation we have a duty of care to protect the children first we are very careful in who we work with and who are placed there. If we were a bigger organisation then we would love to open our own home giving genuine orphans a warm loving stable home which would give them a chance at building a life. Maybe one day this will happen as we grow.

Spend time talking to the children

At this present time we are working with one children’s home in KTM on occasion but they have strong support from outside donors & don’t need regular volunteers. Outside of Kathmandu we are working with a new children’s home up near Pokhara which we have just started sending volunteers, at present we are getting good reports from them so we will be looking to upgrade our support for them.  We also work with a number of schools across the country in schools that we have been developing strong relations with, these schools have proven that time & time again the students come first. From these we have two that are performing that well in SLC exams that students from local private schools are being taken out & sent to ours so what we do must be working. The third school we have just rebuilt after the earthquakes but we will do the same for this one too.

Another option for working with children is to spend time at the disabled centre for children in Kathmandu where young disabled people are picked up every morning & taken to the centre where they are taught basic living skills, given chance to learn basic education & spend time with other children to help develop their social skills. This project is a special one because if they weren’t at the centre most would be stuck at home so if you are interested in volunteering here please scroll down for the Kathmandu disabled centre.

And dont forget the staff as its hardwork caring for children

The one thing we do ask is we have a duty to homes, centres & schools is to the children & you the volunteer so if your first choice of placement is full then we ask you to be flexible because in order to achieve the best of your time & efforts volunteering we need to manage manpower. The other thing we do ask is that if you have a police check or security clearance anywhere please can you include these in your application because even though EHN does not request a CRB check we work with the homes & centres to protect the children. And as a rule there will always be a member of staff or volunteer working with you at all times.

In these homes & centre you will spend your volunteer time here and be surrounded by children from the ages of 9 months to teenagers. Helping the house mum get them to be ready for school or cooking, cleaning, helping with homework and generally playing games with them. Everything you would expect to do for a younger brother or sister. But it’s not always hard work and feels free to sit in the sun watching the children play or strolling to the park where they love to go. And if you feel real confident try teaching English or other subjects as well as helping with homework. . The main duty to perform here is to see that the children have a good time under your care as most have suffered in their young lives before coming to the home.

The highlight of any placement is working with the children seeing how happy they are and knowing that you are helping in this. Most of these children have suffered but seeing how they cope and enjoy life after everything is hope for us all. You have the chance of helping to change a young person’s life and that in itself is a highlight.

Below are a few photos of our volunteers