Painting rural schools in Nepal


To date we have now successfully painted 4 rural schools in different areas of Nepal & each one has been a complete success in terms of providing the students a far brighter place to study in. Also it has allowed our organisation the chance to show what we can do in the district which in turn opens doors for us to launch other projects there.  In most of Nepal the schools are very basic and painted more on the lines of an office or prison block than schools so EHN feels that by brightening the schools up it will help stimulate the children in their studies while giving them and staff a better environment to teach and learn.

One of our first schools that we painted and it still looks good now

The children love it because our teams are great artists often leaving wonderful works of art on their walls.

Now as we look to the future we would like to recruit teams of volunteers who can raise the money for the painting, plan the work with our local people there and come to Nepal to actually paint the school.  Ideally you would need between 4 and 8 volunteers to work on each project and it will take place only at certain times of the year when the schools are on holiday. It would help if you have some experience of painting but this is not essential as everyone can paint walls.

Our latest project

And as a team you would need to raise between £1,000-£1,500 depending on which school is to be painted. EHN will add some of the money to cover the paint and materials.

As a volunteer you will be staying with local families in their homes and meet at the school to start painting the classrooms with colourful designs early morning to mid-afternoon with a break in-between. EHN has some stencil designs that we can use but please feel free to make and bring some of your own ideas.

So if you are a group of friends who are interested or would like to join one of the groups then please apply on the online application form.

Or for more details email 

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