New Volunteering placements

Education & Health Nepal are always looking for volunteers who are interested in trying new projects that we have been asked to work with. Because many organisations want to work with us due to the facts we give more of the volunteer fees as well as extra support to the projects we work with. But from past experiences a member of our team will go to see a new project & everything will be fine for those few hours they are there and then after several volunteers have been placed we discover that the project isn’t as genuine as they seem.

Taking the children out for the day

So as a rule we don’t accept many new projects but when we do the aim is for you the volunteer to be our eyes and ears on the ground. For the simple reason your there for a few weeks and you get to see how things are run. And with your help we can then get an accurate picture of how its run and what we can do to help.

So how our system works is, the first few volunteers will go in and work with the projects and all we ask is for you to report back to our team in Nepal how things are. You can add ideas on improvement and make things better as well as any problems because we can then address them with the owners/managers of the project and help them improve.  And if they are willing to change and improve then you the volunteer, our team and the staff at the project will work towards making it happen.

If  they are not willing to change then we will not support them because EHN policy is clear in we only support genuine projects that want to make a difference

Also we are also looking to make long term working relationships with Universities, colleges, rotary clubs & other organisations interested in working in Nepal and need an NGO on the ground to make their project work. if your group has an idea then we can provide the ground support, man power and design a working experience for your members.