Syangja children’s home

EHN has recently been introduced to a children’s home in Syangja district central Nepal. The house is home to 7 young children aged between 5 and 11 years old but will expand to 18 to 20 children once the house is fully constructed. This should be in the next few months and will provide the children with a safe a stable home.

Where some of the children sleep

In the past EHN has taken the stance not to work with children’s homes in Nepal due to the high level of child abuse and corruption within the system. This home is slightly different to the others we have worked as the home is situated in a rural village which sees no tourists and has a board of directors for the home that are all woman. This does not guarantee the children will be the priority but it does give us more confidence to work with them.

We require female volunteers only for this project who have experience working with children and if possible in a children’s home or orphanage. The first few volunteers will be there to help teach and look after the children plus have the option to teach at the local Government school the children attend. EHN does also need you to be the eyes and ears for us so we can better ascertain the level of care the children get before we commit long term to supporting the home.

Volunteers will live in the home along with the children and two or three members of staff providing fun, food and English lessons for the children. We would also want the volunteer to help teach the staff of the home English so they can improve their skills plus help future children learn better English. The children all attend the same Government school which is about a 20 min walk from the home. Damagde School has been working with EHN for over a year now so we have good connections with the local community already which will help volunteers settle into the local life of Nepal.

In construction and finished soon

School are closed on Saturdays so you are free to take this day off or stay with the children and have fun. If you wish to just help at the home and not teach then you will be free from 10 am to 4 pm 6 days a week except festivals and holidays.

In Nepal we have many festivals so please expect a few days each month where the school is closed and families come to together. This would be a great time for non-teaching volunteers to come as they will be able to work and play with the children every day the school is closed.