Teaching in Rural Schools

Like in many third world countries Nepal has suffered from mass migration to the cities with Kathmandu being the main target for rural Nepali. Over the last twenty years due to mass unemployment, the civil war that finished several years back and the hope to give their children a better life the population of Kathmandu has increased considerably. With the lack of funding and a struggling education system the government has opened up numerous schools to try and give a place for all children. With the private school system flourishing in Nepal many parents goes to considerable lengths to send their children there leaving places in the government schools for only children from the poorest families.

Education & Health Nepal works with several schools across Kathmandu and in smaller towns in Nepal with an aim to help improve the English ability of Nepali students. Because even though Nepali is their mother tongue English has become so important because of business, tourism and more Nepali travelling abroad to study and work. Just having a fluency in English can help a young person starting out on their adult lives land a job paying up to three times as much as someone who hasn’t.

EHN believes that by placing international volunteers as teachers can only lead to an investment in the schools, exchange of ideas among the foreign and Nepali teachers and a better study environment for the children.


This placement is for volunteers or experienced teachers that are looking for a way of challenging themselves by teaching in a different environment. Here we encourage the teaching of new ideas to the children and exchanging new methods with the Nepali teachers. This way not only do you have a great experience but sow seeds of learning that will continue for years.