Shree Nawa Durga Lower Secondary School

The Shree Nawa Durga Lower Secondary School is also a rural government school offering free education for around 200 students from a mixed Muslim and Magar community. The children’s age ranges between 5 and 14 years and they have to travel to complete the final two years of their basic education.  EHN first met the school principal two days be

Students had to study in these until

fore the devastating earthquakes of 2015 which completely destroyed the school. Over the following months EHN provided tin and building supplies so the school could build temporary classrooms & emergency supplies for the villages. Then as things slowly started getting back to normal we started to raise the money to build new classrooms. 

The Headmaster managed to find support to build several small classrooms which were completed in 2016 then later on in the year the work started on building an eight block classroom building which would operate as the main school. The building was finished in early 2017 where EHN sent in a painting team to give the school a coat of paint making it stand out.

And after nearly 18 months of study in tin shacks open to the elements the students were finally able to move into their new school block. Several members of EHN attended the opening and pledged to continue working with the school and its community on improving the conditions of education & health there.

And then EHN built this for them.

We are looking to recruit teachers, student’s teachers as volunteers to work side by side with the Nepali teachers to help improve the level of education for the students.

The EHN team are not teachers but professionals from other fields of life but understand the need to support rural education because of the wide impact it can have on the families of its students. And also understand that we have a responsibility to the children, school & their parents to not interrupt the teaching of the Nepali syllabus while placing teaching volunteers. So all volunteers who come to teach will work with the Nepali teachers or take extra classes to help improve the children`s level of education. One of the things we would like to see is the introduction of new teaching methods to help the children improve so if you have ideas which can be introduced while you’re in Nepal please discuss with our team and let’s see if we can make it happen.