Teaching Volunteers Required for Government Schools

EHN requires teaching volunteers to teach English and computing in rural schools in central Nepal. We need volunteers to commit to a minimum of one month and have a high level of written and spoken English with some experience in teaching. As a volunteer you will be expected to teach English and computing for 5 to 16yrs olds 6 days a week with Saturdays off. So far EHN has sent many teaching volunteers into one of the schools and have already helped improve the average English pass mark from 77% to 88%. We now need to keep this momentum going while also working to improve the children’s IT skills. EHN has recently paid for a solar and battery system to be installed at Rupa School so they can run IT classes all day every day and will have the school online before November. Another aspect of how the school and community benefit from western volunteers is the increased number of new students enrolling at the start of the year. Many areas of Nepal have private schools which charge a fee and many parents feel these are much better but the truth is in many cases the level of education is no better than the Government schools who teach for free. Last year the Government of Nepal issued a statement that if any school enrolment numbers dropped below 10 new students a year they would close the school. As the Government schools are the ones loosing students it may be possible for some areas to have no free education which would be extremely damaging to the poorer families and their children. With the two main Government schools EHN has been working with we have seen an increases in new students over the last year. Rupa has gone from about 11 to 12 to 1 new students this year and Damagde has gone from 13 to 15 up to 30 new students which is amazing in such a short space of time. This is a direct result of the volunteers going in to teach, the free medical camps we run plus the school painting and supply of teaching materials. Never underestimate how much impact you can make even if you can’t see the effect you have or the results while you are there. 
Please expect at least one or two religious holidays during your volunteering period as Nepal has many festivals throughout the year with August & October being the busiest festival months.
All EHN Volunteers stay with local families in a home stay in the village where the school is located and are expected to live and eat as the family do. We feel this gives you the volunteer a chance to live life as a local and experience what it’s like, plus you get to live in the community you are helping. Volunteers will give lessons in English using the schools text books to teach but we do welcome new ideas and lesson plans if you have any? This project is not available from Mid-March to Mid-April and Mid-June to Mid-July due to schools holidays. The schools will also be shut for 14 days sometime between late Sep and Mid October for the Dashian festival which is the biggest in the Nepali calendar. The reason we cannot say an exact date is because most festivals run to a full moon which changes each year which means the festival dates change annually.
Most of the villagers are a mix of castes but most live off the land they own and have little option other than to send their children to the free government school. EHN believes that by improving the level of spoken English in rural area’s it will give young adults from those schools more employment opportunities later in life. Most of the money coming into Nepal comes from either aid agencies like EHN or tourism, so anyone looking to work in the tourist industry has to speak English.
The level of teaching in most Government schools in Nepal is low and they seldom get the chance to practice spoken English, just copy and repeat from books so we need volunteers who are happy to interact with the children while teaching. Saying this we cannot change the way in which the children learn to much as the final exam called the SLC (School Leavers Certificate) is a multiply choice type exam and is over 80 years old. 
EHN charges volunteers £12 per day to cover food and accommodation plus help support the project and EHN. 
If you want to find out more about this position please contact EHN on the email address below.