Charity Trekking for EHN.

All members of EHN are Nepali or related to Nepali & love the country of Nepal and its people and will work for the rest of their lifes to help the poorest members of the community. We will help and spread our work to other countries that are close to our hearts but Nepal is the country where we can do the most good. Its a country unlike any other in world stretching from just a couple hundred metres above sea level in the south to a hundred and fifty miles to the north you will find the highest mountain in the world.

2 Everest trekkkingAnd through trekking we can do this because hundreds of thousands of trekkers visit Nepal every year to walk in the greatest mountain range in the world and by creating a charity trekking organization like no other. because by trekking for EHN you will not only get the best quality service possible in Nepal but you will also see our work & meet the team you are helping to fund.Its a country where being poor means struggling every day to feed the family, find affordable medical care & education for their children and this is where Mina`s Dream & our NGO Education & Health Nepal work to help provide basic medical care & quality education in rural areas. And currently we fund this through placing volunteers & donations from kind hearted people interested in supporting our work but we believe that we should use what Nepal has to offer the world to fund our work.

And best of all we can guarantee that at least 75% of the money will be spent in Nepal where its needed.

Trekking is the perfect way to build a funding stream for NGO & Charity work in Nepal because not only does it use what the country has to offer the world. It also provides jobs, foreign income and a means to help support communities that are among the poorest in Nepal.