Weather in Nepal

Nestled in the laps of mighty Himalayan Range, Nepal has a moderate climatic condition throughout the year. Nepal has four major seasons, namely:

 (1) Winter (December-February)

 (2) Spring (march-May),

(3) Summer (June-August)

(4) Autumn (September-November).

Nepal can be visited all the year round.

Weather in Nepal

Nepal is the country of mountains, hills, valleys and lowland which ranges from 60 meter above the sea level to the top on Earth (Mt. Everest).  In the south are the low-land plains of the Terai (south part of Nepal) has tropical temperatures. Then there are the foothills of the Himalayas followed by the Himalayas to the north. So in such a short distance the temperature varies considerably from sub-zero temperatures in the Himalayas to sub topical in the Terai.

Note. The temperature of Kathmandu the main city goes below 1 Degree Celsius in winter and rises to an average of 25 Degree Celsius in summer.

Nepal has four climatic seasons which are as follows

Spring (From March to May): –

The temperature in this season is warm in the Terai and drops slightly as you get higher into the hills. This time is also the time for flowers to blossom and the national flower of Nepal – rhododendron sweeps the ascending altitudes with its colour and beauty. This season is the second biggest tourist season in Nepal. And one of the best times for arranging a Himalaya expedition, peak climbing, trekking and many other adventure activities available in Nepal.

 Summer (From June to August): –

This part of the year where the monsoon season starts in Nepal so the temperature is hot and wet in this time and rains almost every day with occasional thunderstorms in the evening.  With the increased rain fall it’s the ideal time to plant rice and other vegetables.  And with the extra water in the rivers makes this an ideal time for rafting.

Autumn (From September to November): –

This is the best tourist season in Nepal with the fantastic weather as the monsoon season has come to an end.  The air is clean after all the rain making this a great time for anyone interested in trekking. This is also the season of festivities as Nepal celebrates the biggest Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar (Deepawali).

Winter (from December to February): –

The weather is cool and the sky is clear with occasional snowfalls at higher elevations making this an ideal time for trekking in lower altitudes. You will find the morning and night are cold and the days are warm when it’s sunny.