The story behind EHN

The idea of EHN was first thought up in 2006 when on my first volunteering visit to Nepal where i spent a month in a farming community and experienced a way of life that was so simple but also wonderful at the same time. All people there did was worry about having enough food to eat, putting their children through school and living.  And I really enjoyed my time there I am still part of the family over 10 years later & every time I return to Nepal I must visit home.

A welcome greeting in Kathmandu is the first introduction to Nepal for all volunteers

A welcome greeting in Kathmandu is the first introduction to Nepal for all volunteers

On my travels through the country I visited orphanages with children needing help; English teaching projects that had very few teachers, medical centres that are poorly funded and farming communities in need of support. But it took nearly 4 years living among the Nepali where I gained an understanding of life there and how to work with Western ideals that have been modified to work in the Nepali culture and system. Then with several friends we started our first organisation which allowed us to gain an understanding of how we can create the best volunteering experience in Nepal. After spending over three years running this organisation Phil & I decided at the end of 2013 the time was right to re register our organisation to match the UK side that was being set up to support our work.

Working with children at the Daycare centre is always fun and heres Roberta comforting a young lad.

Working with children at a Daycare centre is always fun. Here’s volunteer Roberta comforting a young lad who wants to be home

So in 2014 we became Education & Health Nepal after the two main fields that we will work in. And to support our work we have a fully registered Nepali organisation as well as being under process for  charity registration  in the UK.

Our aim is to use a combination of Western ideas adapted to Nepali life to help the people of Nepal and provide volunteers a truly great experience of Nepali life. Then using the volunteer organisation as a foundation we want to start projects of our own which targets the social problems that need help in the poorer parts of the communities and with your help we can do so.

And every year we are expanding and developing our projects and ideas as we learn and growing with the people we are trying to help. Quite simply EHN works with its projects for as long as we are needed and will always try to improve them.

So if you want to get involved with an organisation that cares about what it does and is really interested in building projects that make a lasting difference in Nepal.  And want to volunteer with an organisation that will listen to your ideas on ways to improve things then EHN is the NGO for you.

The future is ours in the making.