Mission Statement

Many people have told me that Education & Health Nepal should have a mission statement and clear goals for the future. And I have looked at lots of examples which all seem to have fancy words and meanings but actually tie an organisation to very limited work in their respective fields.

 Teach English in the farming community of Gerkhu

Teach English in the farming community of Gerkhu

One of the main reasons EHN was born and behind the passion that both Phil and I started our organisation is to make a difference to the poorer communities of the Nepali society. And with our team growing with people who follow this same ideal I have decided to write a different Mission statement from what you will see on the majority of websites.
EHN mission in this world is to make a difference by combining the growing volunteer movement and matching them with placements that support the poorer communities. By working side by side we will learn new ideas and ways of helping from the Western world and adapting them to work in a Nepal, showing both respect to our international volunteers who bring these ideas and the Nepali we are supporting.


Teaching in such surroundings

Though medical care and education are our two main goals, we promise to seek out new ideas and ways of making lives better for the people of Nepal through long term, sustainable investment in targeted areas where all our efforts will build over time.

Our vision for the future is the creation of an organisation that uses the true beauty of Nepal to invest in helping its people by encouraging responsible travel and tourism into some of the poorest mountain regions and using this income to reinvest into our core projects. Which will hopefully stem the exodus to the cities and retain some of the unique community spirit that is slowly dying  out. We aim not to follow an established doctrine of aid programmes, but to work with the local people and the local environment to make a better long term future for the people of Nepal. Because the only way Nepal will really take its place in this world is when Nepal develops into the unique country that it can be.

In short, we have one simple mission in our existence and that is to make a difference in this World and we want you to be a part of it.