Volunteer Testimonials

Testimonials are a vital part of any volunteer organisation and we always encourage our past volunteers to write to us whether its good or bad. Because the only way we can improve our work is through using your experiences to create a better environment for volunteers to apply their time because without our volunteers there would be no EHN. Many volunteers come looking to make a difference in the weeks they are in Nepal and when added together with the efforts of others it becomes reality. But EHN are slightly different from most other organisations because when we formed our organisation our aim was for volunteers to be the foundation of our work. So to any of our old volunteers please write to us because you come to Nepal through EHN to help make a difference and rather than just be there for a few weeks then leave help make our organisation one of best in Nepal.

We want to thank each & every volunteer who comes to Nepal through us and as we always say the first time you come as a volunteer the second time you come as a friend!

Please scroll through the links below to read some testimonials from our past volunteers.

  • Jenny & JureeJenny & Juree

    "I don't know what I had expected of my trip in Nepal, but what I got was either nothing like it, or everything and much more.

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  • Anthony O’ShaughnessyAnthony O’Shaughnessy

    I’m Anthony, a 20-year old student from England, and I’m in the process of applying for medical courses as a graduate. When I found EHN, I saw they offered the perfect opportunity to ultimately test my people skills and provide a challenge unlike anything I could experience at home.

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  • Phil CawthraPhil Cawthra

    Hi everyone, I returned home yesterday from 2 weeks volunteering with EHN. I spent most of my time in the daycare centre in Kathmandu and the last few days in the orphanage in Pohkara.

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  • Alexandra HugonAlexandra Hugon

    I went to Nepal in November 2012 for 3 volunteering weeks with EHN and it was a great experience. EHN welcomed me at the airport and took me around Kathmandu, its crazy streets, the beautiful Bothna stupa, Durban Square and the monkey temple.

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  • Alex BurnsAlex Burns

    Volunteering with EHN in Nepal was a fantastic experience. It started with a few days in Kathmandu, where it very quickly became clear how vastly different Nepalese culture was going to be! After this acclimatization I was taken up to Gerkhu where I was going to be living for the next 2 weeks.

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  • Jeonghoon Ha.Jeonghoon Ha.

    Just like you, I have seen documentaries about
    Nepal before. While some well-made documentaries can help you learn
    extensively about this country and enhance your understanding about
    Nepalese life, it certainly doesn’t capture the whole story.

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  • Bryan StathamBryan Statham

    When asked what's the one place that continues to occupy my mind and fill me with emotion, I always respond without hesitation; Nepal. It’s hard to narrow it down into a few words as to why that is so, but in all honesty my experience in Nepal would not have been the same nor even close to as amazing as it was without EHN nor the amazing people of Magar Tol and Sauraha.

    To read Bryan's full testimonial, please click here.

  • Julie`sJulie`s

    From our first e-mail correspondence, I was more than impressed with From the outset I found the organisation's approach very friendly and professional.

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  • Kim & AnnaKim & Anna

    We volunteered for two weeks teaching English in Gerkhu, and two weeks in an orphanage in Kathmandu.

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  • Rachael WilkinsRachael Wilkins

    What initially attracted me to EHN was the reasonable pricing and that you saw directly where your money was going, as opposed to a lot of charities which ask for vast amounts of money which clearly goes to a rich middle man.

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  • David & Lauren ScruggsDavid & Lauren Scruggs

    For my daughter's 18th birthday I promised to take her anywhere or do anything she wanted... when the answer was I want to do volunteer work in Nepal it literally brought tears to my eyes.

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  • Katie PollowayKatie Polloway

    My name is Katie Polloway, I am 18 years old and in August I went over to Nepal for 4 weeks. I have never been away from home before, especially alone so I was quite nervous.
    I had such an amazing time as a volunteer with EHN;

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  • Sally ShenSally Shen

    When I resigned my job at the end of June, I started to think what I would do before starting a new job. Travel? Of course, but I wanted something that was more than travel.

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  • Charlotte FullerCharlotte Fuller

    I stumbled across EHN on truetravellers.com whilst looking for something worthwhile  to do over the summer break.

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  • Edward BevanEdward Bevan

    In August I spent two weeks working at the Sauraha Daycare Centre, I found working with the children very gratifying and emotional, as I believed I was making a difference to the children’s lives and hopefully to their future.

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  • Skye PaulySkye Pauly

    From our first e-mail correspondence, I was more than impressed with the way EHN worked. The team truly has their hearts in the right

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  • Hannah BethHannah Beth

    I have just got back after a 2 month stint, 6 weeks of which I spent volunteering with EHN.

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  • Hugh ClaridgeHugh Claridge

    It is not a case of whether to return from my volunteer experience with EHN in Nepal, but when. I am sitting here, pondering when to return to the family who welcomed me as one of their own. but when! As I think forward in time to when would be the best season to visit, I am immediately drawn back to my time there, and the family I left behind. I can hear my brother Bibos’ voice as he shouts at me to get out of bed – he’s already been up for a good few hours, whilst I’ve been reveling in the dreams that had been yesterday’s reality.

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  • BernadetteBernadette

    I went to Nepal for the month of May and spent 3 weeks in the Naurange Children’s Home in Bharatpur , Chitwan

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  • William ErpeldingWilliam Erpelding

    Namaste people, my name is William Erpelding, I'm Belgian and i'm 19 years. I was a volunteer for 4 months in Nepal thanks to EHN 🙂

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  • Sue GeddoeSue Geddoe

    It was such a privilege to get to know Bibas and his family in Gherku. I worked in the government as well as in the private school.


    Click here to read Sue`s full testimonial

  • Domoina RanjatoelinaDomoina Ranjatoelina

    My name is Domoina Ranjatoelina, I am a 28-year old woman from Madagascar. In September 2012, I realized one of my dreams by coming to Nepal and dedicating 2 weeks of my time and my efforts to volunteer and do something valuable for children from an underdeveloped country. I am also coming from a very poor country, but I found it easier and culturally more challenging to teach English to a foreign community; and besides, I have always dreamed of visiting Nepal one day.

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  • Teddie HoneyTeddie Honey

    When I look back on my 5 months as a volunteer with EHN it’s difficult to try to put the experience into words.

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  • Maarten Heeg.Maarten Heeg.

    Hello volunteers! My name is Maarten, I'm a 23 y/o med student from Amsterdam. I volunteered at EHN for three weeks in jan 2013 at the medical centre in the Gherku valley.

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  • Kylie JonesKylie Jones

    So I set off for my trip to Nepal on the 15th September; having done very little travelling and not been away on my own for a great length of time you could say I was a little nervous.

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  • Benjamin SchäferBenjamin Schäfer

    My name is Benjamin Schäfer, I'm 25 years old and from Germany. In January 2012 I worked as a volunteer in Nepal. Experience Himalayan Nepal was the organization, which made this possible for me.

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  • Doug SharpeDoug Sharpe

    Hey Guys hope all”s well. Sorry its taken me so long to get back but everything's been hectic at the start of term. Hows everything going out there, seems like quite a bits been going on. Say hello to everyone for me

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  • Lyssa LeeLyssa Lee

    Travelling as a single young lady into Nepal and volunteering appears to be quite risky to some.

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  • Asia WilliamsAsia Williams

    I have had an amazing time volunteering with EHN which is genuinely one of the best experiences of my life. I used to read testimonials about volunteering in Nepal and think they were all fabricated exaggerations but honestly I really love Nepal; the people and place are unique. As one of the top ten poorest countries in the world my experience has been simple but perfect. My home stay family are more like extended family, it is really moving and welcoming the way they take you in and look after you throughout, as a guest and a family member.

    To read the rest of Asia's testimonial, please click here.

  • Martina TodaroMartina Todaro

    My experience with EHN started in September 2012. After a couple of days in Kathmandu doing sightseeing I left for my first placement in Ukhubari, a small rural village few hours away from the city.

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  • Alex TurnerAlex Turner

    I've been home from my adventure now for nearly two months and during this time I've sat down to write this again and again but each time I come across the same problem.

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  • Debbie & WillDebbie & Will

    I was looking for the experience of a lifetime to kick off my medical elective and I certainly got that with EHN

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  • Maya EtegdiMaya Etegdi

    Amazing amazing amazing! This was my experience in Nepal with EHN! I am so happy that I decided to start my trip volunteer with EHN!

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